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Avoid 3 Common Mistakes When Holiday in Bali, Make Sure You Do It

Travelling and take vacation is very fun for everyone. Iweblogsite will talk about how to avoid 3 habits below, when you holiday in Bali, Indonesia that can kill you slowly. How can? Is not the holiday make us more healthy? Well, holiday does prevent stress. But eating any food can make you unhealthy here.

Being healthy is one of the dreams for every one, because it is useless rich if you are not healthy. There are some habits that are considered healthy by some people and eventually develop into a trend till become a lifestyle even endanger your health.

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There are 3 habits that you should avoid :

1. Burning or Toasting Foods

Burned foods such as satay, grilled fish, roast chicken and ribs, so many others are very tasty and make hungry to see it. Many people said that burned foods healthier than fried foods.

In fact, burned foods store more risks, burning black marks attached in foods save substances carcinogen which can cause cancer. Be careful!

2. Drink a lot of Vitamin

Drinking vitamins may have become our habit since childhood, our parents said it make us healthy. But now you have to be careful to drink a factory-made vitamin if you do not want to get sick. High content of antioxidants in artificial vitamins will immobilize your immune system.

It is better to eat natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables also fish. Stay healthy and also smart in choosing your supplement!

3. Yoga

This Indian body art has been delivering many people to the ER since 2000-2002. Yoga requires extraordinary flexibility body, some yoga poses can create bone stress and pinched blood vessels to the brain causing the heart attack and stoke. If you are a yoga activist, make sure your instructor is an expert.

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So that's all about 3 Habits that you should avoid When Holiday in Bali So As Not to Kill You. We hope this article is useful for you and you can take good care of the food around you when you are on holiday. Please share this post and don't forget to fill this comment below.
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