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China 5 Most Bizarre and Unique Competitions : Number 3 Most Unusual!

Iweblogsite is going to talk about China, the most population in the world. This country is a storehouse of all unique stuff, include their habits that often plagiarized anything. They also even have many unique contests that can not be found in others country. One of them is a beautiful breast contest that was booming. This championship does sound unusual, and this time we're gonna take it up.

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Let's check one by one :

1. Unique Sleeping Pose Contest

Held in Wuhan, China. All participants will be provided a mattress and then they are told to do the poses as weird as possible. They will be given 15 minutes to think about the pose that will amaze the jury. Lol!

2. Bee Apparel Contest

This contest done by making a person's body surrounded by bees and then required to keep silent as long as possible. Someone is only allowed to wear shorts, swimming goggles and also cover the nose. This event is an annual tradition and there is no special prize. Would you like to try it?

3. Armpit Hair Selfie Contest

To participate with this contest, you have to make a Weibo account then upload your armpit hair photo and let other Weibo users who judge. No prizes will be given, Weibo users will only give respect. This so laughing!

4. GoldFish Beauty Contest

Named World Goldfish Queen which takes place annually in Fuzhou, China. This contest is done by matching the Goldfish are judged from his health, swim agility, and other unique things. If you have GoldFish, Go Now to Fuzhou.

5. Holds Lust Contest

Only followed by men who will be confronted with 'temptations' while required to continue to satisfy themselves. The contest was held to celebrate AIDS Day. The longest survive will come out as the winner.

Well, that's unique contests that can only be found in China. Hope you can enjoy this article. Please share it to your friends and family and comment below. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.
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