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How to Eat Peanuts (Fried and Boiled) Properly and Correctly

Who love to eat peanut every free time? This iweblogsite's article will concentrate describe about How to Eat Peanuts (Fried and Boiled) Properly and Correctly . Alright, although eating nuts no need standard rule, but there are some things that you should know in order to get the maximum benefit from nuts. What are they? Let's check one by one below.

Peanuts contain high fat, also contain protein, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex and phosphorus, vitamins A and K, lecithin, choline and calcium. Protein in peanut is much higher than the protein of meat or eggs.

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Nuts are excellent for fertilizing barren and dry soil. Because the roots of nuts are able to bind oxygen to the process of making food reserves. because the beans make up the food at the root. If not believe it, you can reasearch in the laboratory.

How to Eat Peanuts Properly and Correctly

Look for the peanuts first, if there are no nuts, we can not practice how to eat the correct beans

If the beans are already in your hand, please wash them out, so the bacteria and germs will not be consumed by you.

Note this is important. Peanuts should be cooked well, boiled, fried in sand, or burned (roasted beans). Anyway, make sure you eat the well cooked beans. Because raw beans can lead to diarrhea (if most)

How to eat the correct peanuts is: separate the shells and the peanuts, or peeled in a way on the press with a finger. Grab the peanuts and eat them.

Remember, no need to eat nuts with shells, because it can be bad for your health.

That's it an article about The Instruction to eat peanuts Properly and Correctly. Hope you enjoy it. If you assume this usefull for you, than please share this link to your friends and family. Also fill this comment box below. Thanks for clicking.
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