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How to Keep Ramadan Fasting Fully and Having Fun With It

Ramadhan Month has just began in a few day. Most of moeslem in the world are fasting and increase their worship to Allah swt. This time, iweblogsite will talk about  How to Keep Ramadan Fasting Fully and Having Fun With It. Islam always wаіtіng for this spesial mоnth. And we gonna share tips and trick to keep your fasting well.

In this month all goodnees that we have done will be rewarded with the double reward, therefore the people race to charity during the month of fasting ramadhan. Usually we will hold a meal with orphans or maybe we will collect donations to the people in need.

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So to prevent us from fasting, then iweblogiste will give you some tips so that you can hold your lust during fasting, let's check these out!

Practice fasting before ramadhan arrives

If you are a very difficult person to do fasting, then you should do this preparation before Ramadan month comes. So you are already for doing this . You can start by fasting a few hours, after a week raise to half a day, then another week up to one full day.

Keep things that can cancel from your ramadhan fasting

This is one of the things that most often makes your fasting void. For example, when you're fasting but you go instead to a cafe or public market, even though the initial intention is just to talk, but because of the temptation you are finally overcome by lust and cancel your fasting accidentally.

Doing sincerely and patiently

I am convinced that something done because it is forced is futile, because it will not work and if it works only temporarily. So try to collect intentions first, so what you do you do because you are moved by your heart.

Motivate Yourself and Be Consistent

The last thing you can do is to motivate yourself and this is done by others and proven to work. The trick is that you motivate yourself by saying "One Day Again" every day for a month so your brain is stimulated to try harder "One Day Again!".

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So the article about How to Keep Ramadan Fasting Fully and Having Fun With It. We hope this usefull for you and you can really applicate it to your daily habbits. If you feel this article useful, share it with your friends, family and your partner. So do not forget to comment below. Thanks for clicking and visiting.
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