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Health is an important factor in our life. To maintain our health needed some food that containing various nutrients needed by our body. Today, iweblogsite will describe two vegetables type that have blood sugar controls and to reduce the risk of diabetes. These are Long Beans and Tomato. Both made easy and cheap potion.

You can make a potion (juice) to control blood sugar levels by making long bean juice mixed with tomatoes. To make long bean juice and tomato for blood sugar control, please follow the steps below :
  1. Prepare 4 long bean stalks and 1 tomato then wash it
  2. Cut the long beans and tomatoes into the blender
  3. Once smooth and well blended please put in the glass
The fiber which contained in this potion is very good to keep our blood sugar levels remain normal in the blood. The mixture between long beans and tomatoes will stimulate the action of the pancreas to producing insulin. And can keep fat metabolism so it remains normal in the body.

If you feel your sugar level is high, drink this potion for 1 cup in every morning and afternoon. Well, we hope this article inspire you to keep health from now. We don't know when disease will invade our body. Therefore, preparation is the best way. 

If you think this article usefull and help your health problems, you can share it to your friends and family. And then go to comment box, leave your opinion about this potion. Thanks for visit.

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