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How to Maximize Your Android Smartphone Signal Using Secondhand

Howdy? Today iweblogsite will discuss about The Simple Way to Power Up Your Smartphone Signal Using Secondhand. Every moderen people who live in this era, will have a smartphone in their hand. HandPhone became one of stuff to support our communication everyday. Can you imagine we live today without smartphone? It will be boring and make us stress.

Well, today we communicate each other use phone which uses signal as a support tool. One of the most popular operating systems today is android. Android is a phone that has many features that we can use to accompany the daily activities. Having an android phone will help us access the internet, browsing, chatting, streaming movies and much more.

Unfortunately in different regions the signal distribution is uneven, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Especially in the village area the signal strength is very weak. Then, it would be disturbing our internet activity. with such a signal, of course we can't browsing, chatting, and streaming film comfortably.

How to Maximize Your Smartphone Signal

There are two methods we can do to maximize the android phone signal. The first method Using the cable coil is with the help of a used cable signal amplifier that supports the hardware, and the second method by using a aluminum foil that supports to increase the signal strength.

How to maximize Android signal using copper cable wire

You can use a copper coil that has a diameter of 2-3 mm. Where did you get the cable? You can get cables from used electronic items that have been unused. Check back the electronic goods at home and you can use them to maximize your signal. Wrap the cable on the phone in a circle, then at the end you make it straight like an external antenna. This way looks damaging the appearance of your phone, but quite effective.

How to maximize Android signal using Aluminum Foil

Buy aluminum foil at the electronics store. Or you can also get it from bbq party remains, cigarette box or from your friend who is an electronics expert. Then you cut it sufficiently then stick it on the lid of your phone or on your android battery. The function of aluminum foil is the same as the signal booster sticker that can increase your android phone signal automatically.
If using the above method still does not provide a solution, you should replace your provider with another provider whose network signal is stronger. Find info about what a good provider in your area.

Ok, that's all the article about The Simple Way to Maximize Your Smartphone Signal Using Secondhand. Hope this inspire you to fix your problems about signal phone. This is the simple ways and you can get it from your storage. If you think this is usefull, share the url to your friends now. Thanks for visit our blog.
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