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Muslim Travellers Destination in Indonesia : The Largest Muslim Population

Howdy, this post will talk about Indonesia, the largest muslim population in the world that has beautifull destination for travellers. So if a Muslim tourists want a holiday in this country, can they enjoy what? Indonesia becomes a holiday choice for the world muslim traveler, and here are some facts about vacation in this tropical country.

Bali and Lombok are still the main destinations. The Muslim travellers that likes to come to Indonesia is not entirely want to halal tourism. They also chose to come to top destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat and others.

If you want to shop cheap then you have to go shopping tour to Bandung. The city with the nickname of Paris Van Java is an interesting place to offer creative things.

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Other countries are also busy coming to Indonesia are Muslim tourists from the Middle East. They prefer destinations that do not exist in their country, which are cool and green destinations. You also might go to Komodo Island. That was exotic and awesome meet Komodo, the largest reptile species ever.

China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea they love the natural attractions in Indonesia, and the top of destination is Bali. The most tourists visiting Bali is from China. Bali become the most populer of Indonesia destination. Evident from the hectic visit to Bali every year, as well as Muslim tourists.

What about Muslim travellers? Same thing, they still choose to visit Bali and Lombok for vacation. That's where we'll direct Muslim travellers to places that are safe for Muslims.

That's all about Muslim Travellers Destination to Indonesia : The Largest Muslim Population. We hope you enjoy read this article. Please share this post if you feel usefull. Don't forget to give us your comments here, below. Thanks for visit.
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