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Recipe How to Make Delicious Tempe Bali Spicy Stir-Fry

Tempe Bali is a food that is often used for indonesian people in Bali. How to make this delicious food? For you who like spicy food, this recipe can be used as a cooking reference in your kitchen. What kind of materials and how to make it? See iweblogsite's discussion below.

Tempeh is made from the best soybeans which have good nutrition for anyone who consume it. The amount of processed that is defended from tempe can be made anything, such as fried tempe, grilled tempeh, sambal tempe and much more. Tempeh always added with spicy sauce. But if you don't like spicy sauce, you can throw it away.

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Tempe Balinese spices is an awesome traditional food. This culinary is very popular in bali and many people in Java. You can see the recipe below :

The main Ingredients to Make Tempe Bali Spice :

150 gram tempe, diced, fried briefly to wither
3 teaspoons of sweet soy sauce
4 pieces of tofu, diced, fried briefly to wither
100 ml of water and palm oil to saute

Subtle seasonings :

2 pieces of red pepper
3 large red peppers
3 cloves of garlic
6 pieces of red onion
4 pieces of candlenuts
1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cm ginger

How to Make Tempe Bali Spicy Recipe :

Prepare the pan, then heat the oil in medium heat
After that, put all the spices in, to refine the fragrant smell
Then pour little water, then put the pieces of tofu and tempeh in.
Stir briefly, then add the sweet soy sauce, stir again and cook until the spices seep into the tofu and tempeh
Lift and serve

Easy is'nt it? With simple ingredients, You can have a healthy and simple breakfast. If you feel this post usefull for your friends or family, you can share it to others. And then leave your comment below. Thanks for read this article.
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