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Sunlight Morning very useful for our health. Iweblogsite will discuss the tips to overcome various diseases by doing sunbathing under the sunlight when you are in vacation in tropical country such as in southeast asia or africa and others. Many people think that sunlight is troublesome, but not if you know that morning sunshine is very beneficial. Sunlight therapy is called heliotherapy.

Some people also choose to bask in the sun by coating the body with sunblock, but remember a lot of sunsblock that has poison is not bringing comfort even bring even disastrous. So choose a sunblock that suits you and guaranteed ingredients.

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When you're on holiday in a tropical country, then you can bask in the warm sunlight and feel some positif effects as below :

Sunlight can reduce your blood pressure 

Even single exposure significantly lowers blood pressure individually with high blood pressure.

Sunlight kills bad bacteria 

Sunlight can be used to disinfect and heal wounds.

Sunlight improves your bone health

It is known that many sunlight rays contain Vitamin D. Where Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus that can strengthen our bones. This is why sun exposure is so important to bone health for adults

Sunlight improves your brain function

Sunlight can also improve brain function. The results found that sunlight can help spur the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus, which is part of the brain responsible for forming, organizing and storing memories.

Sunlight increase your sleep quality and reverse insomnia

As sunlight touches our eyes, a message is sent to the pineal gland in the brain and the production of melatonin (a hormone that makes us drowsy and helps us sleep) is turned off until sunlight again. Your body gets a clear signal that it's no longer night and it helps maintain normal circadian rhythms. When it's dark outside, your body gets signaled again and you feel tired and sleepy at bedtime.

That's all the article about Reverse Any Illness With Sunlight Morning in Tropical Country, may you inspired and enjoy read. If you feel this post usefull, then share to your friends and partner. Please give us your comment below for feedback. Thanks for clicking.

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