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How to Set Your New Page Level Ads Through Auto Ads

For Google Adsense (GA) publisher, Page Level Ads is the latest ads features. Google has introduced this ads type in 2018. This ads make it easier for you to set up the ads code without any hassle. Before there is an Auto Ads menu on the Adsense dashboard there is a special Page Level Ads menu appear on the Smartphone (Mobile phone). And this time, iweblogsite will teach you How to Set Your New Page Level Ads Through Auto Ads. Please read below.

More visitor has habit to visiting your site using their smartphone. Therefore, you need to set up Mobile Ads that appear below or above the Phone screen. The ads are floating even though we're reading the article. Additionally when one of the other articles clicks will show a full ad of a Mobile screen with a Close Ad button

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There are some experts who advise to enable Auto Adsense Ads to increase income. But in my opinion, sometimes posts in articles become messy. If you set up the ads manually more neatly and we can place the expected position in every position we want.

Here are some Ads include Auto Ads, Responsive Text ]Display Ads, In feed AdS, In-article Ads Ads, Matched Content, Anchor Ads (mobile only) and Vignette ads (mobile only).

So, How to Set Up Your New Page Level Ads?


Log in to your Adsense Account and Go to your Adsense Dashboard


Select My Ads and Auto Ads (Before taking the Ad Code you must choose any Ad Type that appears)


Choose Ads type that you want. My suggestion is better to select the bottom two ads are anchor and vignette. In addition it is better to install manually (text and display, in feed, in article and matched content ads)

Save and to get the Ad Code. please go back and look in the top right corner (Prepare Automatic Ads). Click and get the code


Set up the Ads Code, go to your Blogger Dashboard, Theme option, Edit HTML, CTRL + F, type
and then paste the code under the
code. Finally, Save theme.

You have successfully installed the latest auto advertisement. If you want to check the ads, open your blog through the smartphone browser.

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That's all about How to Set up Your New Page Level Ads Through Auto Ads (Google Adsense). Hope this article help your problem to set up adsense code. If you have most traffic from smartphone, than it will useful for you. Please share it if you think helpfull. Thanks for visit.
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