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Solve Student's Problems Of Speaking Difficulties

Recently, most of the students from english education department 2016 do not speak english well in the classroom speaking or public speaking. We are as the senior of them had been done the observations to find the several problems why they were not speak english well. We did the observations at least one-six persons by giving the questionnaire and some questions to find what is the problem that they face. In this papers, i will explain about the result based on my observation.


Speaking is one of four skills (listening, reading,writing, an d speaking) the way that people can communicate with another peoples. Based on the theory of speaking, speaking is used for express opinios, ideas or archieve means and goals of something and then how to get it all is making communicate itself. It is mean that the students should making contact and at least make small conversations to start their ability to improve their speaking skills or we call it by factual competence.

The problems that students have is how they could speaking well and fluency without stammering (taking pauses between the words). For the second theory of speaking, the students should mastering the methods competence to improve their speaking skills. Some methods are telling about the learners should learn techniques or tips to make them mastering the english language.

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In the learning speaking, the important thing is the students should acquire the knowledge and how to used it. In the social competence based in the theory of speaking, students should requires to understand when, why, and in what ways to produce language.

Third of this competences are the way how to make the students success to speaking well. This competences are also help the students to improve their speaking skills.


In the fact, when the students are trying to practice speaking english, they could not fully use the theory of speaking without any variabels will support to improve their ability. Based on the observations, students have the difficulties of speaking english.

When the lesson directly happen in the class, the lecture was telling the materials but the students less to understanding the meaning about the materials was telling before. They also couldn’t spontaneously respond the interaction when the lecture sunddently giving the questions or asking opinion as the interrelationsip of key term of the communication.

Table 1:

Based on the data, Dedek amalia was the student became participate that filling the questionnaire. Dedek amalia faced some difficulties why she couldn’t speak english well. She felt learning english was difficult. She also filled the questionnaire that she had the problems to mastering the grammar, pronunciation, less of vocabularies and sometimes she lack of confidence.

Dedek amalia couldn’t speak english fluently because she was rarely to practice speaking english at the course and home. When she was at the class, her friends were also using their native languange to communicate one another. That’s why dedek amalia didn’t have good environment to support her speaking english.

For another students that also being participated to filling the questionnaire, around 4-6 students have the same problem to speaking english. Based on the data, for number 1-10 the value of the most widely faced by students is “False”. It’s mean that almost the students do not mastering the theory of speaking.

The result told that the students were hard to speak fluently because they were rarely to practice it. They do not understand how to using the grammar and how to translate the language. Sometimes, they translated their target language to the english by using their native language. It made them more confuse how to arranging the right language structure.

The students also faced some social problem. When they were speaking english in front of the class, they do not have good confidence. They were nervous that the lecture will be correcting their speaking and then afraid of their speaking mistakes. They were hard to uttering the pronunciation of somewords and lack of vocabularies. That’s why sometimes the students were stammering when they were speaking english.

So, for all this problems, we should take them back to the theory of speaking. We could using theory of speaking to help them improve their ability. Based on the factual competence how to make them comfortable with their speaking is held speaking exercise by using presentations by using English. It will train them to accustomed speaking english even they will faced any lack of confidence and nervous. We have to forced them so that they could learn better than before.

When the students practice english at the class. We could using some techniques based on methods competence to improve their ability. That is we could forces them step by step to memorizing the vocabularies and practice the pronunciation by giving the exercise at home.

They will learn by themself by using dictionary and their mobile phone to know how to spelling and uttering the pronunciation of the words. We also can make them to telling their daily activites or the stories and experience about the things and making small discussions as the tool to exchange the ideas.

So that for all the student’s problem that can’t speak english well, the more they practice the more they could speak english. If this solution is applied and carried out continuously, the purpose of speaking skills it make the third theory of speaking will also succeed to do. They learned by them self how to using the grammar base on the context that they want to tell.

But, the most important thing that for the lecture teach the students should being wiser to correcting all the mistakes happened of the students. The students are still studying to improve their speaking skills and need quite a long time in order to achieve the goal of learning speaking english.


To solve all the student’s problem about speaking difficulties, we just have to make them practice, practice and practice. The more the students practice it will make them accustomed to speaking english. The more the students practice the more they learn about thieir mistakes when they are speaking english. The lectures only required to be more wise when correcting the mistakes made by the students so that the students will be more confidence and never feel nervous anymore when they are speaking english.
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