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Drafting Essay In Process Of Writing

To write a good essay, then we should also prepare the things that supported the making of the essay. Essay writing can be an easy task and can be something very difficult to do. Writing is usually done by various people, but we can not avoid that we often find a lot of problems in essay writing. And often mistake it is to write an essay and then published to the public by using raw materials that have not been in if at all.

The raw materials that we often refer to as the draft should still have through stages of revision and editing. It is better if we need to know how to drafting a topic which we will convey later, to the intent and purpose of our topics can be conveyed to the reader.


The audience can understand the defintion of drafting
The audience can know what is the important things in the drafting process
The audience can understand and know how to make structure in the drafting process and apply it in our writes activities.

Drafting Essay In Process Of Writing

Drafting (noun) is a version of something that you make before you make the final version. Drafting also is a process that not yet clearly in the final form (adj). In the drafting process that will need more work in order to be finished. So, we can coclude that drafting is on of process writing essay, and making the writes that isn’t clearly and need more work to be finished.

In the writing process, when we want to write the topic on the piece of paper, when we already finish with the planning in our essay, the next process is drafting. In the drafting in writing essay we just have to put our ideas and arrange it on the piece of paper without correcting the words or sentences like grammar, punctuation, spelling and etc.

But, this process may occur several times, drafting and revising untill an essay is ready for the reader. Drafting also is simply one of the stages of the writing process, and experienced writers usually compose more than one draft of what they write.

Discovery Drafts

If you write without any kind of formal plan, letting your ideas flow and take shape as you set them down and in the producing a discovery draft extended piece of freewriting in which you try to stick to a topic. For this kind of draft, the end is usually signaled by discovery of the point you want your essay. To make of unexpected material to supprot that point.

The important thing to remember is that the discovery draft is a beginning, a way to let ideas find their own shape. In other words, discovery draft can help you define the main point of the paper you are planning and generate related material, making it easier for you to then write a more focused draft or to arrange your ideas into a plan that will guide your next draft. After that, is better if you know of Basics of a good draft, there are:

Has a fully developed introduction and conclusion
Has fully developed body paragraphs, each containing a topic sentence, at least two examples, and detailed support
Follows standard structure and uses complete sentences

The Structure Of Drafting

In the drafting process, there are strategis way or structure of drafting before we write our topic, there are:

1. We need to put An introduction for the first paragraph and there are:

a. Providing background information
b. Telling a personal anecdote
c. Beginning with a quotation
d. Using an opposite
e. Asking a question

2. In the body paragraph

a. Each body paragraph should develop one of the specific points mentioned in the topic
b. Each Body Paragraph should contain:

1) Topic Sentence—main idea of Body Paragraph
2) Primary Support—examples
3) Secondary Support—details
4) Topic sentence that contain controlling ideas
5) Supporting sentence that explain, define, and illustrate the controlling ideas by using facts, examples, physical description, and personal experience, but in the Body paragraphs must have:

1) Unity— Unity is achieved when everything refers back to the main point
a.) All sentences should relate back to topic sentence & topic.
b.) Do not include any ideas that are irrelevant or off-topic.

2) Support—examples and details. Support is achieved through examples and details.

a.) Each body paragraph should include at least two examples to support the main idea of the paragraph.
b.) Each example should include at least one specific detail that further illustrates the point.

3) Coherence—Coherence is achieved when all points connect to form a whole; one point leads to another. Coherence is mainly achieved through the use of transitions.

a.) Transitions—words & phrases which connect your sentences so that your writing flows smoothly.

A conclusion that have:

The concluding paragraph should:

a. Contain a minimum of 4 sentences
b. Refer back to the main point,or emphasize the important points
c. Make an observation like offers a prediction on what is written
d. NOT introduce any new ideas
e. Create a sense of closure a solution, or a recommendation


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The important points in the drafting process is we just have to write our ideas and arrange it to be paragraphs, but he have to know that drafing also has a structure, and the structure are:

1. Introduction
2. Body Paragraph
3. Conclusion

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