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Google Adsense PIN Verification Solution for Use ID Card or Domicile Card

Who does not know Google Adsense? For bloggers and publishers, GA is a type of advertising media from Google that is proven to pay CPC value above the average provider of other similar ads. But the process and terms are fairly tight enough to make you a little frustrated to use it into your blog or website. However, in fact when we follow the Google Adsense Program Policy, there will be no permanent banned name which became the scourge of the most feared by these bloggers.

This time we will provide sharing experience about verification of adsense pin code which is full of drama. Why, because we've been getting delivery notification pin 3 months before. After balance reaches 120k on adsense balance. Well why can it be so long?

You often experience delivery of PIN Adsense pending up to more than 3 months, then you are required to verify using identity card. The function of google adsense pin itself is as a method of verification google its publisher, so google can ensure the validity of data and avoid the action of fraud.

We had a fuss. Already follow the tips ask for a good and correct adsense pin. But still not yet. Stress continues not because we do not have ID card and are under 17 years old, but the active ID card now still uses the old address in the village, while Mimin has lived in Pekanbaru for almost 5 years. As a result the address on the delivery pin adsense also still use the address of domicile in Pekanbaru.

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Of course, the old ID card will not match the dominant address that has already filled the contents on the form of the address on the letter pen pin adsense. At that time we were still waiting and routinely did a re-checking to the post office. But it's useless. And it turns out after being investigated, there are several causes of slow PIN Adsense come. Curious? Here are the reasons.

The Cause of Google Adsense PIN Come Late

Step and procedural verification pin good adsense bloggers, admob and youtube actually almost the same. When the adsense pin is sent it depends on several factors as below:

1. The Address Entered is complete and clear

The address becomes the most important factor how fast your pin gets. You must fill in the address on a form that has been provided specifically by google adsense. Keep it as complete as possible, starting from house number, complex, kilometer, street name, alley, village, district city, province and zip code.

2. The Negligence of the post office

This becomes one of the x factors that we can not determine. Maybe you have filled the address correctly and completely, but not yet come pin adsense. We suggest you check regularly to the nearest post office in accordance with your post code. Ask on the special section of receiving mail from google. Sometimes they forget, tucked or lazy to deliver it to your address.

3. X Factors

There are various other factors that still can not be explained why the adsense pin is so mysterious, there is a fast up and some are not to the point. This is what happened to us. We do not know the exact cause of not getting the adsense pin that already mimin request 3 times (once a month). Address is complete and we have direct check to the postal employee who specifically handles correspondence from google.

Verify Adsense PIN Use Card or Domicile Letter

The answer is Can. There are many sources that explain how to verify adsense using ID card on the internet. But it is rare to talk about verification methods other than ID Card that can be a verification tool. Basically, google adsense allows you to upload different types of letters or documents related to your real identity, provided that :

1. The document / letter uses a language supported by GA (Indonesian languange is one of the languages supported by GA)
2. Contains information about the original identity of the publisher
3. Contains information according to the address and contacts of the publisher previously entered on the mail delivery method

If these 3 conditions are met, then you can apply or mengaplot the document by uploading the scanned document in the attachment and do not forget to click the Send button. Because we have proven by using the result of scan of Domicile Card which got from registration through residence area. Then this method proved successful 100%. Here is proof of confirmation email from adsense regarding success of GA account verification

That email we get is not until 1 hour after uploading scan of domicile card. If the scan results are clear, the data is also appropriate and there is no violation, then you can be verified without waiting for several days.

That's all about our discussions title Google Adsense PIN Verification Solution Use Domicile Card Substitute ID card at this time, hopefully you who have successfully verify the pin can immediately reach the threshold for disbursement, so it can be paid at the beginning of the month. For those of you who have other permalasahan, can consult to mimin through comment box below. Thank you for visiting.
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