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New iOS 11.4 Released For Apple Device! Should you Update?

Hey guys! iOS 11.4 is fast approaching. it's about to be released in just a couple weeks here and in this video I thought I'd bring together everything we know about everything that matters into one video. before you update I've personally been using it for just a couple weeks now and I've got my own opinion to throw in there and there are a couple things that I don't like about it which I'll mention but in general everything you need to know about IOS 11.4 including all of the new features.

Before updating so to begin IOS 11.4 beta six was released today and there's really nothing new to report in that version so that's why I'm covering Iowa's 11.4 as a whole here. but the build number is still in beta as it does have a little eight on the very right we're likely to receive the gold master the final version here in just a couple weeks.

Maybe even next week and the final release date will likely be on June 4th after WWDC but ok anyways the first thing that I noticed after updating personally it's at 11.4 is that you get some storage back. I got about two gigabytes back originally after updating to beta 2 and ever since then it's been the same but mostly whenever a new version comes out like 11.2, 11.3  you're gonna get some storage back because apps are clearing

the cache general cleanup in iOS will happen so you will likely see some storage being returned to you. I also did notice that face ID and iOS 11.4 tends to be much more reliable and faster than 11.3 for me personally I don't know why and it's definitely not a placebo it's just generally done much better on eleven. point four and the same thing goes for the app switcher I know what I was 11.3

Apple did improvements to this with animations but it seems like an 11.4 they polished it even further it just seems very fluid in generalworks very well I've had no issues a lot of apps stay loaded in the backgrounds much better the RAM management general at 11.4 seems to be slightly better and do you guys remember the black top bug I'm gonna go ahead and do it real quick on the latest version.

here so the first part is to send a nice small message and then I'm gonna go ahead and send the larger one and once I do receive that on my iPhone here in just a second I'm happy to report that the message is no longer crash. this is what happens there abbreviated their shortened but when you click on it you don't see the whole thing it's kind of weird Apple did patch it.

it still seems to affect the phone slightly it does get hot and the frees up the messages up just a little slow it down I mean but it no longer makes it all white and crashes it completely, so the Black Dog bug has officially been fixed and I almost 11.4 and messages on iCloud is finally present this is a feature that will also save you some storage.

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it was teased originally in 11.3 Apple removed it and now in 11.4 it finally seems like Apple will be adding it so in your iCloud settings you'll see a new messages tab and a little toggle for it's an able it here and you'll be able to store. your I messages on the iCloud and airplay to is back as well so this is another feature that was teased in 11.3 Apple removed it and now it's made its way back to iOS 11.4 with multi-room support.

so you hear you'll get all of your airplay two options I have two home pods as you can see I get these toggles that I can control different rooms with the stalker control center settings so that's definitely nice to see and to go with this. it's a very nice feature that Apple added to Siri you can actually ask Siri to play different speakers in different rooms, basically control multi room with Siri.

for example you can say hey Siri play gold in the office or hey Siri play gold in the bedroom and she can contextually change where she plays the music because of that multi room support now and the Siri support forum and stereo pairing, so I'm a little confused by this one Apple added reference to stereo pairing back into iOS 11.4 beta one. they removed it in iOS 11.4 beta two and we still may see it before the final release.

but don't hold your breath honestly this is a feature that I feel could be very tricky and Apple wants to wait and perfect it so maybe we'd have to wait even longer beyond iowa 7.4 so it may still surface but stereo support seems to have came in. once in 11.4 and in IOS 11.4 another feature for the home pod is it seems to have gained support for the calendar app. you may be able to ask it to do things like set an appointment in the calendar or certain things like that's regarding the calendar, because it actually showed up in a splash screen when setting up the home pod where previously it wasn't on iOS 11.3 and for the iphone 10 the folio cases it seems that a feature has been added where if you actually close it and open it you can unlock it automatically.

that feature was present on other devices not in the iPhone 10 by Apple did add that support with IOS 11.4 and there's a new security measure in Iowa point four this is to combat the brute-forcing tools like great he where if you haven't used or unlocked your phone in seven days it will lock out the Lightning ports.then it's only a power port so you won't be able to transfer data through its and thus rendering the gray key brute force tool ineffective so that's very great security measure implemented by Apple.

if you're at all worried about that Iowa's 11.4 is a sure bet to update to meanwhile a couple other things I wanted to mention that still work the blank spaces bug the trick still works in latest beta. I was able to reproduce the glitch to crash your device as well to go in here to edit, then going up here to edit and doing it at the same time clicking done and then over here done will crash your device.

that still works in the latest beta could still be fixed in a really cool one that I found still works is the no animations bug so you're able to reproduce that and now get no animations on the latest version of 11.4, so in a nutshell there is Iowa's 11.4 those are all of the features that Apple has introduced and they still may change a couple things between now and the final release.

but for now this is everything we know about iOS 11.4 and that's my review of it it's not a very big update iOS 11.3 was considered to be pretty big this one is pretty much refinements as this will likely be the last version of iOS 11 11.4.

then we might get a smaller update or two after that by iOS 11.4 is likely to be the last one for iOS 11 and it definitely leaves things off on a pretty good note it's pretty responsive it's pretty decent for older devices as well gives you some storage back and it does have a couple features thrown in there as well in any case. let's go ahead and test the speed performance using a geek bench.

see if I can get some sort of numbers out of here that are any different than Iowa's 11.3 point one and here are the previous results from iOS 11.3 I've got a ten thousand two hundred eighty six multi forty to fifty four single core over here, pretty similar multi-core is a little bit higher up overall the performance. feels exactly the same as iOS 11.3 in all areas except for the face ID.

I can definitely feel that there is a difference there and the app switcher seems a little bit more refined as well just works smoothly so okay guys there it is iOS 11.4.

Should you update?

I say absolutely unless you're specifically waiting for break or something there's no reason not to update but in my personal experience the battery life has been a little bit worse than 11.3 point one. it honestly may be that it's still on a beta but on Iowa's live employer three beta. the battery life was better so go figure that's my personal experience.

So yours may differ but the battery life seems to be a little bit worse still may change though otherwise it,  includes security fixes the black dot bug and then of course a couple of necessary features like I messages in the iCloud and then airplay to multi room supports.  So thanks for visiting guys that's iOS 11.4 and looking forward to seeing iOS 12 here in just a short couple weeks peace.

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