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Best Google Adsense Ads Types Give A High Income For Publisher

Which is the Best Google Adsense Ads Types Give A High Income For Publisher? Talking about adsense ads whether my friend already know what type and size of ads that can generate the most clicks? Perhaps in the type and size of advertising some of my friends think this is normal, but I think it affects once for adsense income.

Based on reports on my adsense account, I chose 3 types that give us the best income. But this may be different from my friend, at least I can help my friend if not install the type of ad size that I mentioned in this article. What type of ads? see more in the text below.

The Best Google Adsense Ads Types Give A High Income For Publisher

Responsive Ads

I gave a list of the lowest ones first, the first type of Responsive ad size. because this ad has a flexible size can adjust the place in the content. Responsive can show ads from a wide variety of advertisers.

The point is that responsive ads usually take ads on the size provided by adsense. for example if the ad is placed on the size 728x90 it will show the ad size. and if appearing in the mobile version is a 320x50 size then it will show the ad the size.

With this absolute size, ads that show very much from various advertiser sponsors, adjust the size that appears on the browser and the platform used. so it can attract visitors to click on these ads.

Where is the right position for this ads size? almost all positions match. But it is better that the first position the visitor sees is the best, such as the header.

Link ads

The type of ad I like best. Unlike other ads, these ads feature shapes like button buttons. on my own blog this type of advertising is the most on the visitor click. This ad does not display images but text. usually the posts that appear are taken based on the keywords in the article, so it resembles related articles.

336x280 ads

Next is the 336x280 size. Just like responsive ads, this type of advertising is very much showing a variety of sponsors. because this measure is very common to every advertiser. no wonder many blog visitors who click on this ad.

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Moreover, not infrequently advertisers usually put a CPC (Cost per click) ad they put very large on this type of advertising. The best position where? may be at the beginning of the left / middle / end of the article, provided it is not adjacent to the image. can also be in the sidebar, use only image type.

So that's all the article about the Best Google Adsense Ads Types Give A High Income For Publisher. If you think this is usefull for others, please share it to your partner. Leave your comment below or give question.

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