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How to Embed Video Uploaded on Blogspot, Responsive and More SEO

Video fitur on blogspot actually not many people use it. The reason because there are still not many blogspot or blogger who use video uploads on Blogger. Of course maybe the reason is that the videos uploaded on Blogger cannot be monetize like Youtube video.

But in my opinion this is not the right reason not to use this one Blogger feature. You can still produce from advertisements posted on posts. This can be useful for tutorial videos with free video hosting from Blogger or blogspot right?

And one of the problems that arise when we use this video feature is Blogger's embed video code is not yet responsive. Of course this can interfere with the appearance of the blog on a smaller screen. For that now we will share tricks so that the videos uploaded on Blogger can be responsive.

How to apload video on blogspot ?

Uploading videos on Blogger is very easy, which obviously must be prepared for video files such as MP4 or FLV format. Please click the upload video icon in the top bar in the post editor in compose mode as shown below.

Step 1 :

Please upload your video. After the video upload process is complete, please switch the post editor to HTML mode to get the video code. Usually the code will look like this.

<object id="BLOG_video-c90f4624c2abcde" class="BLOG_video_class" contentid="AAAAAAAAAAA" width="320" height="266" ></object>

Steps 2 :

The code that I mark is the code needed in the next step. here is how to embed videos uploaded on Blogger to be responsive. Please install the following amp-video js in editing the HTML of your blog, if it already exists then you don't need to install it again.

<script async="" custom-element="amp-video" src=""></script>

Steps 3 :

Then please use the following code to display the video in the post.

<amp-video width="480" height="270" layout="responsive" controls>
   <source type="video/mp4" src=" ID HERE">

Step 4 :

Please change the VIDEO ID HERE with the code that we marked before.

Please try and hopefully be useful. If you think this post usefull, please share url to your social media or chatting. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.

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