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Safety Tips for Mountain Climbing at Mount Semeru Java

Happy holiday! Today iweblogsite will tell you about best destination for mountaineer. It's the best spot in indonesia named Semeru Mount. The mountain that always attracts climbers to try to reach it. As the highest peak in Java, Semeru is always visited by thousands of climbers every year. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, many reckless climbers want to reach the highest peak in Java without heeding their safety. Therefore, this time we will discuss tips how to climb on Mount Semeru.

Semeru's climbing trip is not easy. The most difficult track you will find on the way to the peak of Mahameru, from Arcopodo. Rocky and sandy hiking trails can make it difficult for you to adjust steps. It is important for you to prepare your energy to face the most challenging climbing stage.

Ranu Pane is the starting point for climbers who want to bring their feet into the highest land of Java. Here, you can fill your stomach first with the warm rice rames or Malang Meatballs before just eating instant food for the next 5 days. In Ranu Pane you can also take a break to adjust the body's condition with a drastic change in height

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Do not rush to then climb. Sit first in the basecamp. Give your body time to experience acclimatization. This is important, because if not, it can - your body can be shocked and even experience mountain sickness later, of course you do not want to ‘be a burden to other team members along the climb isn't it?

Prepare your equipments

Climbing the peak of Mahameru which is above Mount Semeru is not an easy thing and no kidding because to climb this one mountain you have to be really in a strong and healthy physical condition. Prepare yourself with enough rest, eat regularly and that is not less important is exercising because without doing the previous exercises you are guaranteed to feel bad, aches and distress when climbing.

Preparing enough supplies

This is what you really have to prepare before climbing because without logistics, you cannot survive. Prepare all food that you can bring and easily cook like corned beef, sausages, instant noodles, rendang, rice, etc. and don't forget to bring cooking utensils. For bedding you can bring a warm tent or sleeping bag in a carrier bag that is at least 50 liters in size. Do not forget to bring other important equipment such as flashlights, raincoats, drinking water bottles, plastic waste and so on.

Wear the suit clothes for climbers

It is recommended to wear clothing that is thin, light and can absorb sweat such as sports shirts or soccer shirts and pants that are specifically used for climbing. Avoid using jeans or other pants that are thick and absorb water. In order to stay warm, don't forget to wear a jacket, socks and hand shirts and special shoes that are used for climbing.

Bring personal medicine

Personal medicines when climbing can also prevent you from things that are not desirable such as sickness while traveling. Bring medicine for pain relief, relieve fever, cold medicine, balm, ulcer medication, headache and patch medicine that you can put on your hands and feet while sleeping so you don't get cold

Set the rhythm of the trip

Climbing to Mount Semeru can take 2 to 3 days so you have to adjust the rhythm of climbing so you don't get tired. Do not worry to say to other groups if you feel tired and want to rest and vice versa understand also if there are friends who want to rest and not be strong in the journey. You can also agree on the rhythm of climbing with the group for example 15 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of rest so on.

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That's all about Safety Tips for Mountain Climbing at Mount Semeru Java, we hope you enjoy your journey at java, Indonesia. Please share this article if you think so helpfull. Thanks fo visiting.
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