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Tips Travelling West Papua Tourism Holiday in Raja Ampat

Howdy travellers! Today iweblogsite will talking about Raja Ampat, the best destination for divers in the world. Natural beauty in Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua is well known to be quite expensive compared to other tourism objects in Indonesia.

However, if you arrive at this destination all the costs incurred will not be meaningful after seeing how beautiful nature is here. There are at least some Holiday Packages to Raja Ampat that need to be known. So that a vacation trip to this attraction can be more enjoyable, then you need to do some tips below. There are many tips provided by travelers who have visited the world's best underwater destinations.

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The Raja Ampat area is well maintained. This is reasonable because it is included in the conservation area. The president some time ago also planned to realize the Raja Ampat tourism area to become an exclusive tourism object. The goal, so that this area is maintained by its natural beauty

How do you get there?

Transportation provided at this destination can be said to be more expensive than other destinations in Indonesia. This is because fuel prices around the location reach 2 times more expensive than Sorong City which is nearby.

So that the cost of renting transportation is not too expensive, try to visit tourist attractions in hordes. For example, there are those who come with a group of 10 people who can share gasoline and the cost of leasing transportation that costs millions of rupiah. Raja Ampat travel tips can certainly ease the budget that must be spent if you come with a group

Boat schedule to Raja Ampat

In order to get to the destination, you have to take a boat from the port to get to Raja Ampat. Although the speed of this ordinary ship cannot be as fast as a speedboat, the ticket prices offered are cheaper. Don't be afraid to wait for a trip to the old Raja Ampat. During the trip, you will still be presented with the beauty of the waters that are so attractive and clear when viewed

Don't forget to pay Raja Ampat fees

Tips on the next Raja Ampat destination are important for you to know. The Raja Ampat destination area is included in the conservation tourism area. Rules that exist in the area, those of you who have not paid the retribution must pay it first. The guard will provide proof of card or pin indicating that you have paid

Stay at a resident's home

For those of you who have the right budget, it is advisable to stay in various native homes. The population occupancy is generally specifically used as accommodation for tourists. Although the cost is cheap, you benefit from being able to mingle more deeply with the island's indigenous people. Besides that, there are also various interesting homestays that can be selected according to your budget

Choose the best Vacation Time

Raja Ampat has a myriad of fascinating water attractions. You must know that water destinations are closely related to weather factors. So, you have to vacation at the right time. If you are wrong when choosing time, you can be sure that the fun of vacationing to Raja Ampat will be disrupted due to weather conditions.

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That's all about Tips Travelling West Papua Tourism Holiday in Raja Ampat. Hopefully you enjoy your holiday at west papua, raja ampat. Please share this article on your social media. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.

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