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Tips holiday diving in wakatobi and how to get there

Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia is famous for diving. Wakatobi has a marine park with a global charm. The beauty of coral reefs and fish is amazing. Want to go to Wakatobi? this time iweblogsite will discuss about tips on vacation to Wakatobi

The main purpose of a vacation to Wakatobi is to enjoy the beauty and charm of its marine park which is located in the heart of the world's coral triangle. Wakatobi is an island group in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Its beauty is known by international travelers, as a tourist destination to enjoy underwater charm.

Wakatobi is short for four major islands, namely Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. The capital of Wakatobi Regency is located on Wangi-wangi Island with the capital of Wanci.

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The location is located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. The national park, which was inaugurated in 1996, is the second largest National Marine Park (TNL) in Indonesia, and according to the local government, it is home to 90% of the world's coral species and more than 942 fish species

How to get there?

For those who want to explore the underwater and beaches, there are 2 alternatives to go to Wakatobi. First by sea, the route is Makassar-Kendari-Bau Bau-Wangi wangi (Wanci). From Wanci, transportation is available using fast boats, wooden boats or speed boats.

While by air, can be reached from Jakarta or Surabaya with the aim of Makassar. The journey is then continued using an advanced flight to Kendari or Bau Bau. After that, you will continue by air or speedboat, or wooden boat to Wangi wangi, Kaledupa and Tomia.

Many diving and snorkeling locations if you stay at Wanci. The closest spot that can be visited is around the ferry port, behind the Wakatobi Hotel, around Patuno Resort, Sousu Beach, or crossing about 30 minutes to the Kapota Island reef.

Departing to Kaledupa Island using a speed boat about 2 hours. One of the favorite places near the island is Hoga Island. There you can dive, snorkel, swim, sunbathe and beach sports. Hoga Island has also become Operation Wallace's central activity since 1995.

In the area there are underwater research facilities, supporting diving and snorkeling activities. In addition, there are homestays that are managed by the local community with a total of around 100 units

Tips holiday diving at wakatobi

Explore Roma, a diving spot in Wakatobi with thousands of color marine species

There are 4 amazing divers, namely Coral Garden, Cornucopia, House Reef, and Roma. One of the favorite divers is Roma, which is in the waters of Tomia Island. As soon as you enter this diving area, you will be surrounded by red-tooth tigerfish and a bunch of other colorful fish. Not only fish, coral reefs and seaweed here also show off with beautiful colors.

When the perfect timing to get there?

When is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Wakatobi waters? Throughout the year, the waters in this region are between 26 - 30 degrees Celsius, which means it's good enough for diving. During April - May and September - November is a season of crowded visitors. If you plan to take a vacation in those months, be prepared to book the hotel early.

Visiting Bajo from house to house with a boat makes you feel like riding a gondola in Venice

Boat as the main mode of transportation is not only in Venice. The Bajo tribe who are the original inhabitants of Wakatobi also use boats as the main means of transportation. Bajo tribes cannot be separated from the sea and boats since the time of their ancestors. The Bajo tribal house on stilts is unique because it is built on wood embedded in a rock.

‘Island hopping’ stops at the island of Wakatobi that gives charm

Don't be satisfied with the beauty of the Wakatobi just by visiting one island because every island there offers its own beauty. On Wangi-wangi Island there are fast boats that can take you to other islands. While on smaller islands like Kaledupa, you can rent small boats owned by local residents to reach the small islands around them.

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That's all about Tips holiday diving in wakatobi and how to get there, we hope you enjoy this post and will arrange your plan for vacation to Wakatobi as soon as possible. Happy holiday!
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