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Tips Holidays to Bangka Belitung Island and How to get There

Bangka Belitung Island is one of the islands located in the western part of Indonesia which is very famous and crowded to be visited by both local and foreign tourists. There are many sights and attractions that are home to Bangka Belitung. White and clean beaches with large rocks that are interesting to take photos and some tourist destinations that have been viral for a few months certainly cannot be missed.

And today iweblogsite will invite you to see how Tips travelling to Bangka Belitung Island and How to get There in Holidays moment. So keep watch this post below.

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It is important to have a plan to go on a holiday to Belitung considering that many tourists are visiting this place. But don't worry, iweblogsite will provide tips that will certainly be useful for those of you who will travel to this place so you can explore the beauty in Belitung more maximally.

Tips Travelling to Bangka Belitung Island

Travel Destination Planning

in Bangka Belitung, almost every corner of the island you can find a lot of tourist attractions. Starting from the beach, hills, to old buildings. Having a planned goal and eliminating a particular area will save your travel time and you can approach more locations

Choose the Perfect Timing

To get the maximum view, the season and the moon will be one of the considerations that should not be missed. Visiting Bangka Belitung in April-October, you can explore several beautiful, small islands located around Belitung by boat.

Indeed this month it is quite windy so make sure you bring enough supplies of medicine to avoid getting sick. In November-March the weather is more friendly, but rainfall is relatively high. As much as possible avoid June or July if you want to visit Bangka Belitung to avoid the crowds of tourists during this school holiday.

Residence for tourist

Bangka Belitung has been equipped with star hotels that will make your sleep comfortable. But in June and July, almost all hotels will have very limited supplies. Make sure you have carefully planned so as not to run out of rooms to sleep during your vacation. You can also use a number of applications to find accommodation in people's homes at lower prices


In Bangka Belitung you have to taste the seafood. Seafood is one of the famous culinary in Bangka Belitung, of course you can do searching first before going to Belitung, because there are many restaurants that serve various interesting menus with varied prices. One of the culinary attractions you can find along Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

Hidden Paradise

Lots of places you can visit when you are in Bangka Belitung. Many people don't know what Bangka Belitung really is like. Maybe you are familiar with Lengkuas Island or Kaolin Lake.

But have you ever heard of Paramon Hill? Yes, from this location you can see Belitung from a different perspective. You can also capture photos on one of the highest hills in Belitung. Don't forget to chat with local residents to meet other hidden tours

The best Sunset and Sunrise

If you go to Bangka Belitung, it's certainly not complete before you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from Tanjung Tinggi Beach. From this location you can enjoy one of the best sunset and sunrise views in Indonesia. Accompanied by high rocks and the sun that will set before your eyes, it will certainly make a moment for you in Belitung

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Allright, that's all about Tips Holidays to Bangka Belitung Island and How to get There this time, hope you enjoy with this post. If you like, please bookmart or share this url to your social media. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.
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