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Tips travelling madakaripura waterfall and how to get there

Madakaripura includes destinations that travel offers that we use, we have had previous searching on Madakaripura. Now Madakaripura is an exotic waterfall similar to the Benang Kelambu waterfall in Lombok. Today iweblogsite will post about Tips travelling to madakaripura waterfall and how to get there.

The distance between the Bromo Area and Madakaripura Waterfall is approximately one hour away by using a private vehicle, so we have not boarded a Jeep. After we are satisfied with exploring Bromo at 12.00 we are delivered back to people's homes and change cars. here we don't just take a short break but try to wash their faces in their fresh bathroom

A trip that takes an hour will not be felt not only because of mountain views and roads that are up and down but because. You can also sunrise hunting at this location. all the way to the parking gate of the Madakaripura Waterfall. Here we are looking for lunch first, Madakaripura area, many food vendors, food stalls that can be stopped to eat first. After eating together, we begin the adventure to explore Madakaripura.

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Tips for those who want to explore the Madakaripura Waterfall, don't forget to prepare your stamina and raincoat. Why is the raincoat? Because the track of the journey to the Madakaripura Waterfall requires us to walk under a small waterfall that emits water from above and remember enough to use sandals (admission tickets are 10-20 k rupiah).

But for those of you who don't want to bother here there are also plastic raincoat rental services that cost 5000-10000 rupiah. There are also many tourguide services to get there, but for those of you who want to try adventurers simply refuse smoothly and have an adventure.

The journey from the gate to the Madakaripura waterfall takes 20-30 minutes on foot. Along the way along the river we are also given views of cliffs and trees, not only we are also given by bridges. There are approximately 5 small bridges

After passing the first waterfall and requiring us to get wet, we are immediately presented with amazing natural scenery. We are grateful that the sunny weather always follows us during, because of the good weather so the scenery of this waterfall is even more amazing.

After passing through the first waterfall, we headed towards the main waterfall, Madakaripura waterfall, we started passing the cliff road and required us to climb a little down the cliff to get to Madakaripura Waterfall

This waterfall is unique and the area is similar to a tube, he said the Madakaripura waterfall is used by Gajah Mada to meditate, therefore this place resembles a cave and is indeed suitable for asceticism

After this you can travel Explore South Malang and Batu Tourism City. Beach tourism is the same as the story of Omah Kayu, it will be a story that can be a recommendation if you go to Malang.

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That's all about this post Tips travelling madakaripura waterfall and how to get there. I hope you enjoy this post. Please share this article at your social media.
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