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Tips Travelling to Pink Beach and Blue Beach Gili Trawangan Lombok

Who is familiar with Gili Trawangan? This beautiful place is paradise in Lombok, Indonesia which you must visit at least once in a lifetime. And this post iweblogsite will talking about Tips Travelling to Pink Beach and Blue Beach Gili Trawangan Lombok. So let's see what amazing this place below.

Lombok is one of the alternative tourist destinations besides Bali. Many tourist attractions can be visited in Lombok, including three Gili or islands in Lombok. The three islands are Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan

Before you go to Lombok, it would be nice to find the right time for a vacation. If you want to go to Gili, a good time is around February to May or August-November because this is the best season. If you go during the holiday season then the cost of your accommodation during the holidays will feel expensive.

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You can find lodging places in Gili, usually with a price of 150-200 k rupiah per night you can get a room with fan or air conditioning facilities with the bathroom inside depending on your negotiations. For accommodation during your stay you can use a bicycle rental service at a cost of 50 k per day.

While in Gili you will find lots of nightlife spots and bars for fun. In addition, for marine tourism you can do canoing, diving, snorkeling and tour 3 Gili activities, this activity is enough to pay 80-150 k rupiah. Don't be afraid to lack money on Gili, you can find lots of automatic teller machines along the main street on Gili. So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation from now on.

Blue Beach Gili Trawangan Lombok

This beach has an island length of 3 km with a width of 2 km. Wide enough for those of you who want to surround this island in a period of about two hours of cycling. What will clear your eyes and refresh your heart is the blue and clear sea view.

In fact we can see coral reefs that appear below sea level. This blue beach will look more beautiful during the day with the reflection of the sun's rays that make it appear shining. So, you can enjoy the natural scenery while relaxing under an umbrella on a sun bed

Pink Beach at Lombok

Because the location of the beach is rather hidden, you can choose two ways of travel, through land or sea trips. To travel by land, then you need a trip starting from the City of Mataram through the Central Lombok region to the Tanjung Ringgit beach of East Lombok. The road passed is arguably less comfortable because the road conditions are not smooth and quite narrow. From Tanjung Ringgit beach, it still requires a journey of 1 KM to get to the pink beach.

As for travel by sea, then you can start the journey from the small port in Tanjung Luar. From this fish port, you will continue on a boat. Many fishing boats can be rented at varying rates, therefore your intelligence in terms of bargaining will be very tested here.

Why is this beach pink? This is because there is a mixture of beach sand that is white with coral fragments that turn into very small granules and the presence of red sea algae around this beach.

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Ok, that's all about Tips Travelling to Pink Beach and Blue Beach Gili Trawangan Lombok at this time, we hope you enjoy your holiday at Lombok, Indonesia! see ya!
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