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Top 5 Unique and Amazing Facts about Indonesia that world should know

Today, iweblogsite will discuss about Top 5 Unique and Amazing Facts about Indonesia that  world should know. As a rich country, Indonesia has a lot of diversity. like ethnicity, culture and race, all these things form a unique thing not found in other countries.

Indonesia's unique facts make people feel at home in our country. Often tourists want to move citizenship into Indonesian citizens. Indonesia's unique fact comes from the many diversity that can coexist. One of them is a tribe, each region visited must have found a different culture.

Here are 5 unique Indonesian facts that make the world amazed

Indonesia has cultural diversity

With several islands, Indonesia has a high amount of wealth. One of them is culture, almost every region in the country has unique habits and makes it always different. Indonesia has 740 ethnic groups and 67 different languages. In 583 regions they were able to live in harmony even though they were different.

Not only that diversity also produces traditional clothing that is different from each region. And even though many of their cultures are able to live peacefully. This is what makes many outside leaders always amazed when visiting this country.

Indonesia has the largest mangrove forests in the world

As a maritime country, almost all regions are in the form of waters. Indonesia has a long coastline stretching from west to east. This makes our country have abundant marine products. So it is not surprising if the ancestors used to work in the sector.

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With this long coastline, Indonesia has a fact that can be said to be unique, which has the largest mangrove forest in the world. Recorded Indonesian mangrove forests reaching 2.5-4.5 million hectares spread throughout the coastal areas. This situation makes our country defeat Brazil, Nigeria and Australia, almost 25% of the world's mangrove forests are in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the only country that has ever entered the United Nations

The United Nations is an organization that is widely followed by world countries including Indonesia. This institution has sheltered many humanities in the world, such as poverty, health to education and more.

As a supporter of this, it becomes mandatory if our country joins. But you know, in 1965 Indonesia left the United Nations and entered again in September 1966. This incident became a unique fact of Indonesia that many people don't know much about. This event shows if our country dares to oppose if there is a mistake.

Indonesia has one of the wonders of the world

Borobudur Temple must be a name familiar to people in Indonesia. Buddhist heritage buildings are well known in our country and the world. As a legacy of King Samaratunga, this building is very majestic, often making people amazed at it.

It's make Borobudur one of Indonesia's unique facts. The Buddhist prayer place is one of the wonders of the world in Indonesia. This is because the sacred building was built by simply arranging stones into temples and having extraordinary beauty.

Indonesia is one of the largest islands in the world

Indonesia also has many islands. From Sabang to Merauke, all of them are in attractive cluster-shaped areas. This makes the earth earth have unique facts that are not owned by many other countries.

One of them is the three major islands of Indonesia, the largest in the world. Starting from Papua which has an area of 786 square kilometers to become the second largest island in the world, then the island of Borneo with 743 square kilometers and Sumatra has a size of 443 Km.

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That's all about Top 5 Unique and Amazing Facts about Indonesia that  world should know, hope you enjoy read this articles.
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