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Visit and Watch the Buffalo Fight Tradition From Toraja Land, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tana Toraja located in South Sulawesi. A typical and interesting local culture to learn is a funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja. Traveling while learning about the richness of the nation's culture is a provision for the next generation to recognize the variety of national characters. And this time iweblogsite will talk about buffalo fight tradition from tana toraja.

the location of the Toraja buffalo arena was held at the traditional ceremony venue. The slocation is on the Poros Pangli - Malakiri road and it turns out that it passes through one of the tourist attractions in Tana Toraja, Ne’ Gandeng Museum.

We drove along the road which began to crowded with local people who also did not want to miss watching hundreds of millions of buffalo fight. Yes, a million in rupiah. This buffalo is very special and becomes a social status for the local community. Even the local traffic jam occurred because the road was already narrow while people preferred to park the motorbike on the side of the road then along the rice fields cutting the road.

Buffalo fight tradition or Tana Toraja's people usually call it Ma ’Pasilaga Tedong is one of a series of traditional ceremonies before Rambu Solo (funeral ceremony). Buffalo is an animal that has high social and cultural values in Tana Toraja. By the Toraja community, this buffalo is considered as a 'vehicle' for the spirits of ancestors / dead people to the afterlife. The better the buffalo and the many buffaloes that are offered, the better the journey of the spirit or the person who has died.

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Because it will be an offering during the Rambu Solo ceremony, the buffaloes that were pitted were not ordinary buffaloes, but were special. Usually the type of albino buffalo (Tedong Bonga) or white type. There is also a type of Saleko buffalo, like an albino buffalo but with black spots on its back.

We stopped at a field right in front of a church that was used as a parking lot. From there, we and the local community must then walk along the rice fields to the location of the ma ’pasilaga tedong. The expanse of green rice fields as wide as the eye can be a special dish for our eyes at that time. We arrived there during the ceremony. In the middle of a muddy field, a procession formed a small circle. There were buffalo guides, gong carriers, banners and black-clad women from the grieving family.

Before the buffalo fight began, the committee handed over the burned pork, cigarettes, and fermented water nira (tuak) to the buffalo guides and guests who were present and to the audience.

It time for show, the committee then called the name of the buffalo who would fight to enter the field. Like boxers, the buffalo entered from a different angle accompanied by their guide. The guide here has the duty to ensure that the buffalo is fighting the correct buffalo.

Not infrequently they have to drive the buffalo who run towards the crowd of spectators. The people was so enthusiastic about watching the game even cheering when one of the buffaloes managed to gore his opponent's buffalo.

In the first session it was one of the winning buffaloes named Tekken Langi. After circling around the pasilaga tedong area, we then went home to Rantepao. An amazing experience for me can see firsthand a cultural event that has been going on for thousands of years.

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How do you feel? interested to visiting Toraja and watching it live? Not only buffalo fighting tradition, there is also the Ma'nene Ritual procession, which is a ritual to commemorate the ancestors, relatives who have died. They dressed corpses like they were when they were alive. Interested in horror tours in this place? please share this article with your other friends
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