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Traveling to Sorake and Lagundri Beach, Nias Island, the Best Surfing Spot in the World,

Nias Island is an area in North Sumatra Province. This island which is located between the island of Sumatra has the best wave for surfers. Nias Island has a lot of interesting spots. The beauty of Nias makes this unique area one of the tourist destinations for domestic and foreign professional surfers. This time, iweblogsite will discuss Sorake and Lagundri Beach, two of the best Nias Island.

Surfers are actually trying to keep the surf location secret they think is the best. Because the more popular a place is, the more people come. So, the more uncomfortable the surfers fight over the waves. That is why since last year among the world's surfers the existence of Nias as "The Surfer Paradise" has kept trying to keep it a secret. But that was first, today, Nias is not only known for its waves but also its culture.

The combination of Batak ethnic culture and stunning natural beauty makes Nias one of the mainstays of North Sumatra tourism. In a number of corners in the city of Gunungsitoli, Nias Islands, you will find the words "Ya'ahowu" stretched out large in many banners. In Nias Language, the greeting "Ya'ahowu" is interpreted as "welcome" or "God bless you"

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This Ya'ahowu was made the name of a cultural festival based in Gunungsitoli on 16-20 November and is targeted to bring in as many as 50,000 visitors. The festival also emphasizes that Nias as one of the oldest megalithic cultural tribes in Indonesia has opened up

The Best Surfing spot on Sorake Beach

This is a place that became famous in Nias. A beach with waves rolling and amazing views. One of the favorite places for professional surfers. The best place to surf besides Hawaii. This beach is located in Botohilitano Village, Teluk Dalam sub-district, South Nias Regency. It is 103 kilometers from Gunung Sitoli Binaka Airport with a travel time of about two hours by road.

The beach which is referred to as the best surfing place in the world has quite complete and supportive tourist facilities. In this place, you can also enjoy the romantic atmosphere with a yellowing sunset in the afternoon.

The bes surfing spot on Lagundri Beach

Lagundari Beach is also called the wrong beach of the 10 best surfing locations in the world. The beach which is 2 kilometers from Sorake Beach is a beautiful place with high waves and can boost your adrenaline. This beach is visited a lot from April to September where at that time the best waves can be enjoyed by world surfers

Watch "Lompat Batu" traditional show from nias ethnic

A tradition that is very well known for the Jumping Stone Tradition or also known as fahombo or stone hombo is a legendary tradition and has been passed down for generations and passed down from generation to generation.

One place for you to be able to witness this unique tradition is in Bawomataluo Village, Teluk Subdistrict, Kab. South Nias. This village is about 84 kilometers from Gunungsitoli Binaka Airport with a travel time of around one hour and a half.

Beautiful Enchantment of Nusa Lima Beach

One of the beautiful beaches on Nias is the beach of Nusa Lima. Indeed his name is a little so foreign to the ear. However, the place is not always beautiful with other beaches on Nias. Not only the beauty of beach sand alone, but the combination of the sea that gives coolness and the sounds of birds in the lush trees and the services of its employees are also quite satisfying to the visitors.

This beach is located in Foa Village, Gunungsitoli Idanoi District, Gunungsitoli City, 16 kilometers from Gunungsitoli or 2 kilometers before the Binaka Airport airport. Upon arriving on the beach this feeling of impatience to swim and take pictures with a beautiful beach background. Really charming, worthy of this beach is said to be the most beautiful place in North Sumatra.

Visiting Walo Afulu Beach

Walo Afulu Beach is one of the unique beaches in Nias with reddish sand colors. The beach which is located in Harewakhe Village, Afulu District, North Nias Regency is one of the places that has a very beautiful charm

This beach, 97.4 kilometers from Binaka Airport, is worthy of being your tourist destination. This virgin beach has fine sand and the trees that line up look so beautiful. In addition, the waves that are not too large are only about 5 meters high, making this beach very suitable for surfing. Although the facility is still inadequate, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nias and it is a pity if you don't make it your main destination on Nias

Walo Afulu Beach is one of the unique beaches in Nias with reddish sand colors. The beach which is located in Harewakhe Village, Afulu District, North Nias Regency is one of the places that has extraordinary charm

Visiting charlita beach

Charlita Beach is located in Afia Village, Gunung Sitoli District, Nias Regency. This beautiful beach with stunning scenery is only about 16 kilometers from the City Center of Gunung Sitoli with a travel time of about 32 minutes. To enter the beautiful beach with this variety of facilities you will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000, - on holidays and Rp. 5,000, on weekdays. With easy access and facilities that support the beach, this is the most favorite beach in Nias Regency.

Laowomaru Beach

One of the other beautiful beaches on Nias is Laowomaru beach. This beach located in the City of Gunung Sitoli is one of the most popular beaches on Nias. The white sand exotica and the beautiful blue sea look harmonious with the nyiur lined up along the beautiful beach. This exotic beach is only 7 kilometers from the center of Gunung Sitoli city

Stay and Eat on Binaka Beach

One of the beaches close to Binaka Airport is Malaga beach. The beach located in Gunungsitoli Idanoi sub-district, Gunungsitoli Municipality is one of the most visited beaches by families and teenagers who want to spend the afternoon enjoying the fresh air on the beach. Near this beach, there are various facilities such as lodging and snacks, seafood and other snacks

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how, have you been satisfied visiting nias? if you are still curious about this island, immediately order a ticket to Kualanamu International Airport, North Sumatra. And go straight to the Nias Island using small plane and landing to Lasondre Pulau Airport. Hope u enjoy this travelling moment. Please share this article to your social media as support us.
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