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Travelling to Bono Wave, The Arnside Bore From Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia

Welcome to iweblogsite. Today we'll talk about traveling to Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia. What's interesting there? Bono Wave. Bono is a tidal wave or the Arnside Bore (UK) which can be found at Riau Province, Indonesia. Bono is caused by a combination of the high tidal range and the shape of the bay which narrows into the rivers with ocean currents leading upstream and downstream.

These natural phenomena occur in several regions of the world, including in Indonesia, namely in Teluk Meranti Village, Riau Indonesia. Also found smaller waves, on the Rokan River. In Papua it also occurs with a small condition called kepala air.

Bono waves on the Kampar River occur usually when high tides occur in the sea. The tide then heads to the Kampar River. Then the current on the Kampar River will collide with the tide rising from the sea so that a wave is called the Bono wave

In the Kampar Estuary, before the Bono wave occurs, it will usually begin with a sound like a whistle, then there will be a roar of water. The roar will become louder and a large wave will emerge called Bono wave

The speed of the Bono waves reaches 40 km/hour. This wave is able to come to the upstream with meters away. Usually, it can reach a distance of about 60 km upstream and will end up in the Tanjung Pungai area

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When did the bono waves happen?

Estimated when bono wave happen at Kampar River by considering :

Perigee or Apsis is the condition of the closest moon distance to the earth. The term Supermoon is rarely used by scientists.

Full Moon is the position of the moon opposite the sun seen from the earth. At that time the moon appears as a full moon.

Our estimates date such as January 1, January 30, February 27, March 1, March 26, November 23 and 26, December 22 and 24 are some dates that are suitable for traveling to Kampar

Bono wave, world surfers paradise

Bono waves have been interesting to be explored by world surfers. British surfers Steve King and James Cotton, Roger Gamble and Zig Van Der Sluys (from Australia) are four athletes who made the longest surfing record in the "Bono" Kampar River.

Since the arrival of foreign surfers to the Kampar peninsula and seen having fun on seven ghosts, the horrifying story of bono is running low. For professional athletes, bono ghosts have never been seen again.

Even they gallantly stood to ride bono laughing. Foreign surfers teach local residents to enjoy bono. Not surprisingly, now in every appearance of Bono, more than 30s local youths are waiting in the middle of the river with factory-made surfboards or makeshift boards ready to surf in the area near the village.

How to get there?

To get to the location of the Bono wave, it is usually from Pekanbaru City to Pangkalan Kerinci (the capital of Pelalawan Regency) and to Teluk Meranti Village. The trip is done by land transportation (car, bus or motorbike). Travel time takes between 5 or 6 hours depending on road conditions and traffic flow density.

The journey between Pekanbaru to Pangkalan Kerinci is via the East Sumatra Cross Road for about 1-2 hours. From Pangkalan Kerinci to Simpang Bunut for about 30 minutes and will enter the Bono Cross Road to Teluk Meranti Village which takes around 3-4 hours.

Through water transportation, it can be passed through the Pangkalan Kerinci Port which is under the Pangkalan Kerinci Bridge. From the port, you can continue the trip by taking a speedboat to Teluk Meranti Village with a travel time of 4-5 hours and a cost of Rp.125,000 / person. If you want to drive your own vehicle, it's better because you can arrange your own departure schedule without depending on public transport drivers or waiting for other passengers.

The route we take to get to the location of the wave of Bono is a land route using the transportation services as follows Pekanbaru - Pangkalan Kerinci (Rp. 25,000 / person) and Pangkalan Kerinci - Teluk Meranti Village (Rp.55,000 / person)

Lodging is usually still in the community house (homestay) at a cost of around Rp.50,000 - Rp.100,000 per room which can be filled by 2 people. Because Bono waves do not look very good and not too large in Teluk Meranti Village, then to see the good waves of Bono, you have to rent a speedboat to Kuala Kampar around the Pulau Muda Village area.

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This rental fee depends on the distance of the desired location ranging from Rp. 300,000 - Rp. 600,000 per speedboat. This speed boat can also be rented to follow the waves, namely, the speedboat will be in front of the waves with a safe distance. Locals can show the best, biggest and longest wave location of Bono

How, have you decided when you will go to Kampar to meet the Bono waves? We hope you enjoy this information. Please share it if you think this is useful for others. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.
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