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How to Find Some Great Business Ideas for Product Selling

Many people are still troubled in starting a business, or determining business idea or determining what product to sell. Today, Iweblogsite will discuss about How to Find Some Great Business Ideas for Product Selling. When we taught for some class, We taught its framework, right? There are Build, Automate, and Scale.

Most people that knowing about Digital Marketing, Only know at a glance about Scaling. Advertise with Facebook, Googl, Instagram, Endorsmen or something like that. Advertise, advertise, advertise all the times.

That's what Scaling means, actually. But the business itself, is still totally in a mess. Yesterday, when we taught how to build a business that digitally scalable, they faced a difficulty that turned out, like, What I'm selling is Community Goods.

My competitors are so numerous and etc. I'm just selling T-shirts, Or, I'm just selling mobile-phone casing, Then, thinking. Selling mobile-phones, for instance, thinking about a new business. But get stuck. Turned out again

We're just realized in the internal training yesterday, that we have a brain, but instead, we don't use it to think. Most of us, using our brains to memorize, they're different. If someone asks you, what does the result of 3 x 3 You still can answer it, right?

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What does the result of 5 + 2 ? Still able to answer it, right? But what if, What does the result of 317 x 214 ? You get stuck, right? Because we need to think. we're not used to think. In fact, we're never taught on how to think.

We can find a new business idea. New copywriting, strategy and content. We're never taught to think like that. We're used to be taught at schools, to think in order. The strategies are chronologic. From A to B.

From Kindergarten to Elementary School. Elementary School to Senior High. We're always taught sequential, or "in order. How can we think about a new idea? If we still keep thinking like that. Since everyone else also does the same thing

That is the problem. There's also like this. We all studied at schools. We all studied from Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High, Senior High, and College. Which means, most people in the world, at schools aacquiring the skills that relatively similar.

So when you graduated, you becoming a Commodity, as well. You're taught to sell your skills to get some money. The problem is, everyone is also taught the same thing and as you knew that, when there are many people with "same product," is called commodity.

If you wanna build business ideas, by relying on the materials you've already learned before. That won't do. Still won't do, How's that? Because everyone also has the similar capital.

When you have" Lego, You have 10 pieces of Lego. How do you change these 10 pieces of "Lego" into a building? It can be done by affixing it into another, like small children. Like our children, 4-5 years old, just affixing those ten pieces into a basic building? Why not?!

But if you wanna make like mine, a truck, It's impossible, man, if you just have 10 building blocks like that. You need thousands of building blocks to build a truck. While, if you never enhancing your knowledge nor your vocabularies.

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In your head, then, you'll never ever have those thousand blocks. You might graduated with only provision of 10 pieces blocks. Or even less, like that. To be able to build something magnificent and impressive, an impressive business, You must have all of its ingredients.

There's a cooking recipe, Well, cooking recipe like this has a lot of ingredients, right? Like A, B, C, D, and many more. Recipe like this. Now, when you take a look at each ingredient, Here's the egg. There's the flour. There's this and that.  Then, it will become a dish!

But just imagine, if only along your life time. You never know what the flour is, and also other ingredients. You just know the Egg, and whereever you go. you say,"This egg is cool. "This egg is healthy, This egg contains vitamins, everything, protein. This "Egg" is very good!

Yes, indeed. But from the only 1 egg, what can be made of ? Fried Egg. Boiled Egg!. Sunnyside up!Omelet, That's it, Scrambled Egg. But when the Egg mixed with other ingredients, it can be a Cake, and other varied dishes.

Alot of things that you will never have the ideas, if you don't have all of the "ingredients!" Or, if you've never been exposed to the ingredients. I only have 1 message. If you say that you haven't got any business idea.

You are, indeed, hardly to think about business idea, since the ingredients are never exist. How can you think about various cooking recipes. If you only just know the Egg, you won't make it, man. You do need plentiful ingredients, really.

This is what most people saying, Well, I wanna build a business, but I don't have business idea, Or, I wanna join DM-Elite, but, I don't have business idea. Therefore, there were 2 questions came up to me. You have no business idea

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How's the way your thinking? There must have been the thinking process, right? Like the Lego, just now. Eventhough you give me thousand pieces, I'll still never able to build a fine truck, without a guidebook.

What you need are sufficient amount of knowledge intact pieces. Maybe have skills, knowledge, everything, include networking. How to do it. There's a guidebook on how putting them all together into a business.

If only This last one, If you haven't got any guidebook, What you should do then, is Find a role model. Find a mentor. Someone that has built what you're planning to build. Learn from him. That is the way it is.

You will try one at a time, over and over. You may make it, but it will take a long time. You may make it, but will take a long time. You'll still need a mentor To speed up and to tell you the guidebook.

Just try to build the Lego from thousand pieces without guidebook. You won't make it. Like someone gives you all of cooking ingredients .but you don't have the recipe. You won't make it.

What you need are 2 things, the building blocks and the guidebook. The knowledge, skill, resources, and everything. And the second is the mentor, to teach you how you can put all of them together. This second one is what I called "Skilled strategy."

It's a skill wihere you can put them altogether. one by one that finally becoming a masterpiece. A business that can be run. Giving you passive income. That's the point. You need both of them. Hopefully, this article helps you guys, to make or to find, or start to realize what you don't have yet.

However, if you come to my Mastermind, My upcoming Mastermind will be fully strategic. The Building strategy, the Partnership strategy. The Join Venture, Also the World-wide connection. Totally, 5-days in a row, we will talk all about the strategies.

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It's the level where you learn to put altogether the ingredients. Plus, you'll also get more knowledge, since you'll also see other people's masterpieces. So the ingredients are this and that. Your knowledge will be complete. That's the difference of Mastermind.

That's all about How to Find Some Great Business Ideas for Product Selling. Please share this article with your other friends and make them realize how to looking for business ideas that give you more profit and money.
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