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Download 5 Best Android Browser Software For Kids Smartphone

The use of smartphones can't be prevented anymore. Even for our children, smartphones like Android and iOS are increasingly being used. There are many negative impacts that can be obtained for our families. But it can be minimized by implementing prevention and control.

One of the most effective ways is to install applications that are safe and can be controlled. Including using a browser and a special application for our kids.

Best Android browsers for kids are very important things to find, in order to make sure that your kids receive appropriate and good content from your Android and internet.

As the growth of technology, it is something difficult to separate the kids from internet. Some of them are even having their special gadget to play games. You probably also give gadget to your kids.

If you give your gadget to your kids, it means that you give them access to the other world. Of course, it can be a game, but it also can be internet.

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Usually our kids love to see any kids’ video and even know the way to access the portal themselves. As they grow with this digital era, we have to be wise parents.

Actually, you can choose any browser that is safe for your kids. Android browsers for kids usually built to only give appropriate content for the kids. Then, the kids can get the information that already filtered by the system.

Do you want to download and know about some browsers for Android that safe for kids? Check the list below.

There are several list of Android browsers for kids and of course, it will not be as complete as our browser. At least, it can help us the give controller to the kids. The first example is Kids Portal - Child Friendly Web Browser. This browser provides the videos to the kids and also the games. It is only for kids above 3 years old.

Download Kids Portal - Child Friendly Web Browser Here

Then, the next is Kido’z. This browser is built for kids above 4 years old and gives many cool contents for kids. Of course,it has very strict protection for the content, so it can help the parents to control what the kids are looking for in their browser. You can install it in your Android once you think you need it for your kids.

Download Kido'z browser here

The other one of the best Android browsers for kids is Kids Learning Apps Browser. This browser is special for those who are above 8 years old. It provides suitable result for the kids and can be helpful to give good information for the kids. So, if you have children above 8 years old and you need a help to protect the browser, you can install it.

Download Kids Learning Apps Browser browser here

The fourth browser for kids is Safe Internet Browser for Kids from Whisper Arts. This application more Safe Internet Browser for Kids, allow children to visit only approved web pages and sites and safely surf the Internet. Has Features Kid mode to allow to visit only approved sites and parent mode to manage sites. Use this app together with Kid's Shell Launcher and make your device safe for kids.

Download Safe Internet Browser for Kids Here

And the last is SPIN Safe Browser - filter bad websites. You can Use SPIN Safe Browser to block pornography, inappropriate content, and keep, and web and image searches safe. SPIN also makes the most popular video searching platform safer by automatically invoking its Restricted mode. You can read more detail here:

Download SPIN Safe Browser Here

It would be better for parents if they have more time to spend and help their children to study. Even though the children need the help from internet, the parent still can watch it directly and make sure that the information that they get is the right one. However, sometimes the parents do not have enough free time, because of their business.

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To help the parents in protecting the kids, installing the safe browsers will be something necessary. This is why you need to know several safe browsers for kids, as a good parent. Read some reviews about the browser and make sure that the reviews show good result, so that you can install any recommended Android browsers for kids into your kids’ smartphone.
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