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iPhone vs Google Pixel Camera Review, The Revolutionized Personal Photography

The cameras on our phones worked so well. these days it's easy to take for granted all the technology making that possible. it wasn't long ago that phone cameras were really primitive and not terribly useful the first camera phones were released almost twenty years ago. they had enough memory to store about 20 photos and a maximum resolution that's a fraction of a megapixel when the first iPhone was released in 2007 was equipped with just a 2 megapixel camera no flash autofocus or video recording.

It wasn't until 2010 that it received the front-facing camera I grew up dreaming about this you know dreaming about video calling and it's real now by 2013 selfie had become the oxford dictionaries word of the year since then phone cameras have continued to improve and companies are doubling down on camera technology and hopes that better cameras will equal better sales.

We design the world's best camera introducing the beautiful new pixel 3 the all-new galaxy note 9 you are going to be blown away with the pictures you can take with the iPhone 10 s is camera but because everyone wants their phone to be as slim as possible there's only so much physical space available to device manufacturers when developing new camera tech traditionally

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When you take a photo with a camera you cause a physical shutter to open and close exposing the camera center to whatever you're taking a picture of the sensor takes all that data from the burst of light and process it into a photo. in general the bigger the sensor the more data, the camera collects and the better the photo.

cameras like those from Sony Canon or Nikon are able to produce impressive images because large centers and complex lens systems allow in as much light as possible it used to be that the camera in your pocket was just a dumbed down version of the larger one strapped around your neck. But we're at an intersection where the camera is becoming much more while digital cameras.

DSLRs will always excel in a hardware capacity smart phones are quickly bridging that gap with its own set of strengths traditionally cameras have been pieces of hardware for decades at least. that's not true when it comes to smartphones you really have to treat it like a piece of software.

Because that's features like smart HDR and adjustable depth of field featured in the new iphone nitesite and super zoom in the pixel three are paving the way for a new camera platform augmented by complex software and processing capability there may be advantages to being able to have a large lens but there's also advantages to being able to have a smaller device.

That has good computational capabilities a lot of the smartphones these days have almost as much power if not more than some laptops they definitely have a lot more power than than traditional cameras in terms of the amount of processing and software that you can run. So the camera systems on a lot of these things may depending if it has you know dual camera on the front or the back

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I mean you're having multiple lenses multiple chips connectors some I mean depending on how its laid out there might even be a you know a secondary little mini motherboard on there Apple does a really good job with keeping it you know pretty tight and everything just connects to the logic board right at the top of the phone Apple's new iPhone 10 R and 10s

Included a huge upgrade to its computing power with the a12 Bionic chip it's a machine-learning processor with apples neural engine the H well Bionic takes the input off the camera sensor. Instead puts those through computational models which enables features like smart HDR and the dynamic bouquet effects of portrait mode the complexity like the cameras aren't just cameras anymore their facial recognition scanners

There's a whole lot more tech packed into the top of your phone and you can see that reflected in the notches that people always have a hard time with on because there's a lot more tech up there. that's the evolution. that I've seen and then there's the Google pixel 3 which many regards the best camera on a phone.

The pixel team advanced the camera software with machine learning they took over a million images to develop the AI necessary for portrait mode and over a hundred million images of faces for top shot a feature that suggests the best picture out of a series of photos. Our photographers will take these walk around San Francisco stop people on the street and say, hey can I take your photo with this funny-looking?

This funny-looking camera rig and from that you can generate the data that you need to take take great portraits of people algorithm is dedicated to low-light. algorithms dedicated to scenes with really bright brights and really dark darks high-contrast scenes and then we also have algorithms that are meant to help you with the zoom that produce these incredible detailed images from a single camera.

Normally you'd have to have a second zoomed in camera to take one of the most common techniques in which software enables better photos is multi frame stacking which is blending together multiple images taking a succession when a photo is captured using information from all these frames they can reduce noise camera shake and improve image quality

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This is something that smart phone engineers have invested in considerably more than traditional digital camera manufacturers a common trend we're seeing more and more as phones equipped with multiple lenses a lot of these use a dual lens configuration for portrait mode, but they help make the camera more versatile by adding telephoto or wide-angle lenses.

Samsung just recently announced the first quad camera smartphone with the new galaxy a nine bringing all these shooting modes to one device the photos. we take with our phones have gotten so good they've even become a tool for professional photographers we're excited to announce a new partnership with one of the most celebrated photographers of our time

Annie Leibovitz she's using pixel three to take photos as she travels around the country capturing portraits of inspiring people and places as an artist and as a professional. I think it's important that you are able to back out and ask yourself like which of these tools helps me express myself.

Most truly as an artist Austen man is a travel photographer his work has appeared as part of the shot on iphone campaign in some respects you can't do everything that the big hardware can but then in other respects, because of the unique power of software you know you're unlocking new powers to do things that you can't do.

It's the big hardware if there's a really pretty sunset and the sky is pink and really pretty and you've got the school foreground and you shoot that on your traditional DSLR and you shoot it with an iPhone the one that is by far like better and ready to share and more beautiful is by phone we are not even close to the limit what we can do with software there's a lot more image quality we can get.

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A lot more a little light a lot more dynamic range and you'll see a lot more image quality improvements in the future, we're trying to make you a better photographer so you can feel great about every photo. That's all about this topic, hopefully you enjoy it. Keep visiting iweblogsite and get more information :D
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