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How to Sell Your Products to Anyone, Work 100% for Beginner

How to sell anything as a beginner one of the most common mistakes that sales people make is they try to sell everything the same way. well guess what you cannot sell everything the same way. there are two types of demands the first one is what I call existing demand that means that existing demand for your products or services such as coffee when you wickham the morning what do you want.

you want that cup of coffee or you want that burger you want their fries or you want to buy a car you want to buy a house, there are a lot of products and services out there that are what I call existing demand that people are already looking for those products and services.

when you're selling to existing demand all you have to do is to communicate anticularly and persuade your prospects, why your products and services are better or your offer more value or you are different that's all you need to do, because it is an existing demand right.

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when you want that Starbucks coffee in the morning you go to Starbucks or you just want a coffee you're thinking watch it go to Starbucks or should I go to my local friendly neighborhood coffee shop which one should I go, now I think I'll go to Starbucks and they have different choices that's all they need to do.

instead when you're selling to another type of demand the second type of demand, it's what I call create a demand now this is very very different when you're selling to create a demand a market that you have to create it means that when someone gets up in the morning they're not thinking about hey I can't wait to buy some of this and we give an example insurance.

no one wakes up the morning say hey you know what's such a beautiful day, I can't wait to buy some insurance man or someone gets in the morning, hey I can't wait to buy you know a some digital marketing course. that's not what they're thinking it is a creative demand. when you try to sell to existing demand the same way that you sell to create a demand you a hundred percent fail, because like I said when you're selling to existing demand all you need to do is.

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to ticularly communicate why you're different why you're better why you're better value period when you're selling to create the man first you create that the desire you create a demand first example let's say, take high-tech closer one of the things that I teach one of the skill sets that. I teach no one gets on the morning and say hey I can't wait to be a high-ticket closer or I want to learn how to sell no. I need to create a demand in the marketplace first and how do you do that.

so instead of selling the product and service the very first thing that you need to sell is this it's the concept you need to sell them on the concept the big idea why do I even need this first you create the demand created desire once you have that. then the second thing in yourself is you know sell them on you why you or why'd your company, why are you uniquely qualified to do this to deliver this product and service.

once you've done that and you can talk about your product, your service or your program you see it's a much longer sales cycle because you can educate your prospects first why they need this you create a desire credit demand first. especially when you're selling intangible if you're selling let's say copywriting services, digital marketing services consulting services

if you're selling the intangible it means that it's not a physical product I'd buy something like this I buy a hammer I'm gonna as a tool I get it I know where I might get it I'm gonna get em Home Depot bowling that's simple but when you're selling intangible it means it's a concept it's something that can touch is invisible then you need to do much more education first

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once the prospect buys your concept your big idea then they buy you then they would buy your product now. That's all about How to Sell Your Products to Anyone, Work 100% for Beginner, hopefully you enjoy this article. Thanks for visiting iweblogsite.
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