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Visit Goa Rang Reng Waterfall, Bali Best Place, Indonesia

This time iweblogsite will talking about the best tourism in Bali. Waterfall Rang Reng Cave is one of the waterfalls in Bali that I have often heard of its beauty. Its location in Gianyar Bali, is actually quite close to Ubud.

This story began when I and a friend intended to go to Tegenungan Waterfall, which is also located not far from where we live. Hearing their plans and seeing the sunny weather that morning, I joined in and wanted to relax soon

As soon as we arrived at the Tegenungan waterfall location, we refused to see a full parking lot. I forget, today is Sunday, weekend, lots of domestic and foreign tourists who visit this place.

Tegenungan Waterfall is also one of the tourist sites of waterfalls in Bali which are now increasingly visited. I have visited it last September with a group of travel companions from outside bloggers who were visiting Bali.

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We turned towards the waterfall Goa Rang Reng. That's right. after arriving, there was no crowd like in Tegenungan waterfall. Quiet. We only pay 5,000 rupiah per person for entry tickets. A local community came to us to offer guide services while directing our motorbike. The services offered are tracking for 1.5 hours and a further 3 hours with just voluntary posting fees.

Called Goa Rang Reng waterfall, because besides the waterfall, one of the interesting spots here is Rang Reng Cave. That's why it's called the Goa Rang Reng waterfall. While showing the picture on his cellphone, he offered a short cut that was not too difficult to get to Goa Rang Reng, saw weeds like the one at Campuhan Ridge Walk and another location near the waterfall.

The distance from the parking lot to the location of the waterfall is not too far and steep. On the way, we met again with a local community who also offered the same thing, namely tour guide services, but we refused. We don't know how long it will be in that location.

Where the two rivers meet, the water is very clean and the temperature in the second meeting flow is cold and rather warm. Somehow describe it. Usually in the upper reaches of the river it is used for customary purposes, melukat (cleansing spiritually), by the local community.

The landscape of this waterfall is not as high as an ordinary waterfall (like Tegenungan waterfall). The shape is wide with a 45 degree angle (maybe). You can go up to the 'body' waterfall, of course you have to be careful because some of the current points are quite heavy. Goa Rang Reng Waterfall, in my opinion, is one of the most instagramable locations in Bali.

I am glad that playing is supposed to be quite heavy. The water is cold and clean. Until finally the rain fell more profusely. The people gradually left the place. We have to stop our activities and take shelter while brewing pop noodles and hot coffee. Shortly after the rain stopped, we went down again. More photos. Play water again. It's great to take a moment to stop my routine with my laptop every day all day.

Many enjoy the Goa Rang Reng waterfall, while taking photos, I was called with friends to get down immediately because the water discharge was getting higher. That's right. Shortly afterwards the flow and discharge of the waterfall gets higher and the color of the water changes cloudy. This is very dangerous.

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How, do you intend to visit Bali? Waterfall tours to Goa Rang Reng Waterfall and Tegenungan Waterfall are very recommended for those of you who want to vacation in Bali or want to get rid of fatigue for a moment like me.

Thank you for visiting iweblogsite. I hope you can enjoy it, inspire and motivate your vacation. Share this article on your social media :D
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