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River Tubing at Kali Kreo Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

On this occasion, we will carry out a 3 km river tubing in the Kreo River located in Kandri Tourism Village, Semarang. Only drive about 30 minutes from the hotel. First arrived at the basecamp, Kandri Tourism Village, we explained about the tubing activities in Kreo River. Rafting tours using used tires are indeed increasingly prevalent in some areas, one of the most famous and visited in Goa Pindul Jogja. But don't expect much if you visit a long weekend, because it will be full of visitors

Unlike Goa Pindul Jogja, kreo river tubing is indeed just opened, so when we visited the long weekend yesterday there were only our group. This adds to the excitement with other travel friends.

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Ngintir Kalijogo, is another name for Kreo River rapids, this name is used at the same time to remind the story of Sunan Kalijaga carrying 2 teak wood which will be used as the pillars of the Great Mosque of Demak using the Kreo river flow.

River Tubing Kali Kreo

After a brief briefing and warm-up, one by one we climbed the tire and started adjusting to using a tire following a fairly calm current. Others looked cool and enthusiastic about their new toys until someone with a large body fell down on my right when colliding with another through a fairly small current. Luckily it's only acting

One of the most exciting parts is when we arrive at a dam where each participant must jump using a tire. One by one jump with tires as bearings hit the river. I did the same thing. It fell and landed perfectly, even though my ass hurt hit the water.

River Tubing at Kreo Semarang River

Although only having small rapids is not without risk. We must be careful because so many stones are large and sharp. Sometimes we can get caught in shallow watersheds because the water is small. If not careful, the body will get scratches from the stones. After finishing tubing, I got 4 scratches all over the body, each one in the leg and hand, up to two 'graffiti' on the buttocks.

Before starting this tubing activity, the guide will explain tips when facing rapids. lessons are just a lesson. After facing a number of difficult rapids, I finally understood that our bodies should be more relaxed and relaxed sitting on the tires following the rapids. It is easier to learn directly or practice with scratches on the body.

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We spent almost two hours along the Kreo river for 3 km with tubing. Fun jokes, pain and fatigue mixed up so one leaves the best experience. Kreo river tubing tours are still new and can be a new choice of tourist attractions in the city of Semarang. Invite your friends to enjoy tubing in the Kreo River.

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