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101 Welcome March Quotes, Captions, Sayings

Welcome March! Are you looking for march sayings for updates caption or status on facebook, instagram, whatsapp or twitter right now? March is the name of the 3rd month in the Gregorian calendar. The word for March is derived from the Dutch "Maart", and comes in Latin "Mars", and is believed to be the Roman god of war. Mars is also enshrined as the name of a planet in the current solar system.

No different from the other month, March also has important days in it, such as Nyepi Day, which will be celebrated by Hindu believers, and become a worldwide holiday. Are you ready to enter this special month?

Soon, let's take a look at below, some of the words in March that can inspire, motivate and uplift you in living the day of life Check this out

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March Quotes

march caption status

Welcome to March! Really, today is very special, because every decision that I take, is always given the opportunity to prove it.
Thank you for you that until today still believe me, I will prove the best for you guys

Welcome to March, welcome to the birth month. I will make your presence as a great momentun of change, which will impact my future later

Thank God, you have brought me back with March this year. I hope to educate myself to be a human being able to think positively and to accept everything you give willingly and patiently

The presence of this time in March fulfilled my old age ( * ). Hopefully in the future, everything I dream of can slowly materialize well, smooth and as per expectation. Happy Birthday to Me

Welcome to March, Social Media's friends. Hopefully at the beginning of this month become a good moment to improve and continue the dream, Amen

To do good to others, it certainly produces a good thing anyway. So in the beginning of this March, fix all the things that are lacking in you, and always be positive-minded in others

Success is not the only key to be happy, but happiness is proof of one's success. Hopefully in March this month, what you want can be accomplished well and quickly

Welcome in March to my all best friend. Hopefully this month becomes a beautiful and memorable moment in life, and all the doubts in heart to pick up success can be lost immediately

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Caption March

The presence of march in the middle of us became a good momentum
One of them because the love of two different hearts.
May God unite us until the day that he separates again

Good morning for you, welcome to the beautiful March.
Open your window, look at how happy the morning sun looks at your knot's smile.
May all goodness always be with you and keep your heart for me

You have to know, even though the month of affection has ended,
it doesn't mean that you love to change anyway.
But instead, March will be a special moment for us in knitting a beautiful and loving love

For you beloved, March will prove how my love to you never goes out.
Although a big storm begins to hit, he will continue to illuminate your life until the death of the

Welcome to March for you the Blessed heart.
I hope, this becomes the most beautiful moment in our relationship
hopefully always be faithful to keep each other's hearts and feelings

At the beginning of this March,
hopefully we can continue the dream we once carved together
between you and I always chime in one heart and the same feeling

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Happy March

welcome happy march
Calculate your age as much as you have a friend, not a year.
Calculate your life with a smile, not tears. Welcome to enter the month of March for all of us

You don't have to be awesome to get started,
but you have to start to be amazing.
Welcome March to all the successful

One has to keep it's goodness.
Because it is a good investment for life.
Hopefully this March becomes a blessing to all. Amin

Occasionally stop working to relax.
Not to be displaced, but build a passion for the next struggle.
Let's raise your head in this beautiful march

The most precious in life is being able to love,
can have heart, be able to feel the beauty of God's creation.
Hopefully love gets bigger in this cheerful march

Thank God, you have brought me back with March this year.
I hope I can turn myself into a person who is able to think positively and accept everything you give with Iklhas and patiently

As we get older in the beginning of March, hopefully maturity is also increasing,
hopefully the bad nature that has been in the heart can disappear slowly, change for the better and the better

Welcome March, Happy Birthday to myself,
hopefully all the opportunities that are delayed and failed in the last month,
can be realized well in this month

March comes again, which means the age is increasing and retracing.
I pray hopefully can be a person who is mature, realistic, innovative and an example for many people

Welcome the month of March, this morning I recompiled the planning that had been abandoned in the past days,
hopefully immediately materialized, as well as a pride for myself and the people I care about

Welcome March

None of the most hinders the success of a person other than a lazy and easy despair.
There will be a time when you stand upright among the others, then realize it is the result of your labor.
Welcome to March, hopefully happy always with what is done with good intentions

The heartbreak love sometimes makes people who experience it blind in many ways.
It is natural and not wrong. But to be known, don't make it a final destination,
but accompany it all while picking up your dream at the end of the road

Welcome to March, what is your news? Still strong and not discouraged? I hope so.
Come up, stand up and establish your head. Your pick-up and drop-off at the end of the eye look,
make it look close and convince yourself that you can be able to achieve it smoothly

As high as a person's success, it's never gained in just one night.
Many nights are hard-earned, sweat and millions of sacrifices.
You, is one of those who will succeed, then never loose the spirit. Welcome to this successful march

To the shining morning of the sun, radiate you, get all together and start waking up.
If the dream feels away, it means a lot to fix.
In the first morning of this March, make it the best momentum to fix all those mistakes

There are many people who instantly retreat and surrender just because of a minor problem.
In fact, the chances of success are still wide open.
May we be able to invite happiness in the future thanks to the hard work
the spirit and the unyielding we have.
Welcome March Beloved

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Closing Part

March is not very special when compared to February (love month) or December (year-end), but every moment that created makes this month like a special month and can not be forgotten.

What is our welcome for this month? Certainly very positive. You can't miss the moment of the romantic turn of February to march with just a handshake. Obviously immediately update the status, story or cool captions above. Hopefully useful yes. Don't forget to share this article to your social media