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51 Bible Verses About Love, Marriage and Wedding Full

Are you looking for quotes about love, relationship, wedding and marriage? This time iweblogsite will give you some quotes from bible. You certainly can't wait anymore for updates these quotes to your caption or status on Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp, right?

In living a life, there will be a woman or a man who accompanies us and is happy. He was God's chosen man to co-knit a family that was harmonious to the end of life. His position as a companion is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary to pronounce some of the below pearl words that correspond to the bible verse.

Are you ready to date and make a relationship with someone? Is he/she right for you? Maybe you have a different opinion about those questions with the bible say. Generally, the opinion other people always different so, to know the answer gives your attention to the verses scripture below directly. Check these out!

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Verse About Love

bible verse
Ecclesiastes 11:10

“So remove troublesome things from your heart, and ward off harmful things from your body, for youth and the prime of life are futility.”

The youthful is valuable time, but from this Ecclesiastes book, we find something worth that is, young people have to remove troublesome things from your, and ward off harmful things from your body and walk on to the best life ever. Although you make the decision to dating make sure your own mature for that dating is also honorable purposes

Corinthians 6:18

“flee from sexual immorality! Every other sin that a man may commit is outside his body, but whoever practices sexual immorality is sinning against his own body.”

Dating can be more dangerous if it not based on the right reason. That verses bible says “ he that practices sexual immorality is sinning against his own body

Luke 6:31

“Also, just as you want men to do to you, do the same way to them.”

Generally, now there are many loving coupleswho are not happy because of selfishness. Accord bible, as you want men to do to you, do the same way to them, in dating it’s important to keep the relation as long as until marriage

Romans 12:2

“And stop being molded by this system of things, but be transformed by making your mind over,So that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Now, many people don’t look at relationships seriously. This bible verses warn us changing our mindset and follow the bible says, because do that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God

Ecclesiastes 11:9

“Rejoice, young man, while you are young and let your heart be glad in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your hearth and go where your eyes lead you, but know that the true God will bring you into judgment for all these things.”

God wants you to enjoyed it while you are young. With pending dating ‘till the right time you are ready to marriage. Waiting to date won’t stifle your freedom. On the contrary,you will have time to prepare yourself by developing your personality and most importantly, your spiritually

Lamentations 3:27

“Good it is for a man to carry the yoke during his youth.”

Carry the yoke it’s mean you have to fight and avoid all of youth wrong desires that maybe grow in your head or your heart. A young person must to looking dating is an honorable thing not just for fun

Peter 3:4

“But let it be the secret person of the heart in the incorruptible adornment of the quiet and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of God.”

The purpose of dating is to consider women and men is ready for marriage. You have to know one another and not just the beautifully and handsomely on the outside, but your secret person of the heart and most important spiritually

Colossians 3:8

“But now you must put them all away from you; wrath, anger, badness, abusive speech, and obscene talk out of your mouth.”

So if you still have that bad things you ‘ll not ready to start dating and marriage, so used your spare time to prepare yourself by developing your personality to learn how to cultivate and maintain friendship

Proverbs 4:23

“Above all the things that you guard, safeguard your heart, for out of it are the sources of life.”

The one thing you have to do is safeguard your heart, with not watch pornography it’s too dangerous and broke your youth life

Proverbs 5:18

“May your own fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice with the wife of your youth.”

Verse About Marriage

Colossians 3:14

“But besides all these things, clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union.”

What means is it? Love in different beliefs usually because while feeling to opposite it’s about what you feel and not what do you need. So in these things, think it deeply. Do you want to please God or yourself?

Ephesians 4:2

“With all humanity and mildness, with patience, putting up with one another in love.”

This attitude should Christian having. This matter especially you want to looking for someone to be your couple. How it can? Humble mildness and other us the key the best couple not just a feeling but true love forever

Corinthians 6:14,15

“Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? Further what harmony is there between Christ and be’li-al? or what does a believer share in common with an unbeliever?”

In farmers life as compare, if two animals have a different power carry unevenly yoked both of them will suffer. Thus if someone becomes unevenly yoked with unbelievers or doing marriage, both of them will be unhappy.

Everyone hasa decision on each other but before making it right, you have to think about the effect of the decision you take. Like a, could it two different beliefs strengthen the marriage? What do you think?

Corinthians 7:12-13

“But the other I say yes, I, not the lord: if any brother has an unbelieving wife and she is agreeable to saying with him, let him not leave her; and if a woman has an unbelieving husband he is agreeable to staying with her, let her not leave her husband.”

This scripture is written for the one-make decision to marriage in different beliefs. Many experiences show it’s no happy ending. And the solution of it not divorces, as we from the bible God so hate that

Peter 4:8

“Above all things have intense love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”

Love is medicine that can fix all the things, but our love has to honestly because we are imperfect, with love covers a multitude of sins

John 4:8

“Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love.”

God is love, not ‘he also love’ but He is love. He's the one role model to show love. So definitely would you like to have a couple of life is love God and follow He role in show love?

Peter 3:4

“But let it the secret person of the heart in the incorruptible adornment of the quiet and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of God.”

When we have to date with someone, what are you care about from him? Is that the beautiful or handsome face? Or what they have? These verses clearly telling what is very important, when we’re looking at humility or the secret person of the heart

Song of Solomon 8:6

“Place me as a seal upon your heart. As a seal upon your arm, for love is as strong death is and exclusive devotion is as unyielding as the grave. Its flame are a blazing fire the flame of Jah.”

The special gift ever is love. The bible mention how this great feeling work is as strong death is and exclusive devotion as unyielding as the grave. Its true love hasa strong desire and forgets anything that makes you feel happy all the time. But remember God gave it to wisely use accord the bible principle

Corinthians 7:39

“a wife is bound as long as her husband is alive. But if her husband should fall asleep in death she is free to be married to whomever she wants only in the lord.”

As long as a couple living together bound each other, then if one of the death others can married again but only in the lord or one's belief

Genesis 2:24

“That is why a man will leave his father and his mother and he will stick to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”

Verse About Wedding

Ephesians 5:33

“Each one of you must love his wife as he does himself; on the other hand, the wife should have deep respect for her husband.”

This especially to the bride how to commit another one after the wedding. This principle appliestoa couple husband and wife as a key toa happy family. Loving and deep respect is two-point to strengthen marriage

Matthew 19:5,6

“For this reason, a man will leave his father and his mother and will stick to his wife, and the two will be one flesh? So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has Yoked together, let no man put apart.”

The purpose of marriage, After two people decide on marriage and live together there being one motive and thinking

Corinthians 7:3

“Let the husband give to this wife her due and, let the wife also do likewise to her husband.”

Each one has a responsibility and duty must they do to another one. Thus this is what God wants for every couple as a husband and wife

Ephesians 4:2,3

“With all humility and mildness with patience, putting up with another in love. Earnestly endeavoring to maintain the oneness of the spirit in the uniting bond of peace.”

The word of this book mention some important and first thing personality attitude in marriage. Either one is humble, wildness there and patience. Especially Love to help and peace each other, this match for principle in your marriage life

Colossians 3:14

“But besides all these things, clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union.”

Love is the trait of true Christian mention of many Bible verses and this verses one of them. In marriage, two people will be one flesh then Love is a perfect bond of union

Ecclesiastes 4:9

“Two are batter than one because they have a good reward for their hard work.”

From the bible we know the purpose of God to create humansto be fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it. That we know God wants Every family can get true happiness, like an Adam and eve to helper and complement each other

Ecclesiastes 4:12

“Someone may overpower one alone, but two together can take a stand against him. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn apart.”

In this word, we believe that two people have been consolidate in Lord they can survive. The mean of the threefold cord cannot be torn apart is for; a man, women, and God have an important role in marriage thus cannot quickly be busted

Corinthians 13:4,5

“Love is patient and kind love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up. Does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked.

Love has a lot of meaning, that things can help us withstand patiently confront each other, cause we all imperfect have faults and weakness so this principle help family keep the relationship

corinthians 7:4

“The wife does not have authority over her own body but her husband does; likewise, the husband does not have authority over his own body, but his wife does.”

When couples a man and women marriage, they’re not live for themselves. So each bride has to give authority over own body

Ecclesiastes 3:14,15

“For this reason, I bend my knees to the father, to whom every family in heaven and on earth owes its name.”

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End Word

Thus, this review of quotes for beloved and dearest couples touches the romantic ones. Hopefully with the collection above, you can offer to the couple, and hopefully can add harmony in your household. Do not forget to share this article to your social media. Thanks!