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99 Happy May Quotes, Caption, Sayings

Welcome May! The Iweblogsite has summarized the quotes and sayings of the May, inspiration and motivation for your life and romance. Suitable for Facebook status, Instagram captions to Story WhatsApp and other social Media.

May is the month name in the Gregorian calendar in the 5th order. According to Wikipedia, the word "may" itself comes from the Latin, taken from the word "Maia "

You are born this may, of course, can't wait for your birthday moment. May is the month after April and before June which is usually decorated with hot dry season in some countries

If we go to continental Europe, May is the perfect time to enjoy spring where flowers are in bloom. Perfect for a honey moon getaway with a couple or just enjoy romanticism with a couple and a big family

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Caption May

may sayings

April has passed, this morning may come back. It doesn't feel that it's been a year together since May last year. I wish, the Lord immediately opened the way for us, to be immediately condoned to bind the faithful promise

Welcome May, my sweetheart. Hopefully all expectations and dreams are poured out, can be realized well and as desired

Wake up, night is changing in the morning. Today May 1, smile, because there will be many special surprises and challenges that have been out there

Welcome in May, the moon is passionate and self-motivation to go even better than before.

Happy May! Sometimes you don't know the biggest odds come when, hopefully this may be you are given the greatest opportunity to do a positive thing

Keeping the future, grabbing it as fast as possible is one reason why you continue to learn and work. Do not make this month as a reason to be lazy. Rise and hurry up with vigorous activities!

Welcome to the month of May, congratulations for you who are still faithful love and I love. Let's always keep and give beauty to the love we have built

Hopefully this may, make us a human who sacrificed to be positive thinking again. Don't forget to keep dreaming!

Welcome to May, let's work even better. Know, the most important of a job is not the timeliness of completion, but the ability to give meaning

Bulai May has come back. Let's intropection and talk to yourself about what failure was created in the month of yesterday. Today, start to devise a new strategy

Welcome to enter cheerful May. Try introspective back, how much time wasted in the last month, fix this month

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Quotes May

may quotes

Someone who has never felt a bitter taste, he would not have had the chance to feel the sweetness in life. Welcome to May!

Do not run away from fear, face because you are strong. That after the fear you beat, prepare yourself to enjoy the beauty of success. Welcome in May

Welcome to the month of May for social media friends. Hopefully in this month many special surprises, as well as what is planned can be realized well.

For all your friends on Facebook, have a blessed and bright May. Hopefully what you want to achieve can be reached with good and smooth.

The morning of May is so bright, the sunlight directly weld both cheeks with a gentle warmth. Hopefully this is a sign that may be a great momentum for all of us.

For my friend there, the month of May has come back. Have you prepared your plans and targets? Hopefully we can achieve the dream well and according to expectations.

Good morning and happy activities in early May. For those who are school and college, hopefully can bring useful knowledge. And for those who work, hopefully the maximum result

Early months, payday entry, pay credits and debts, saving and shopping. Congratulations May for all, hopefully keep the spirit in the daily activities.

May have come back. For those who have a spouse, take care of it and do not be taken by others. For the singles, hopefully get the desired heart mooring so far

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Welcome May

The sense of contentment is not in humans now. But what matters is how you can be grateful. Welcome to May, hopefully this month better.

Listening to other people's criticism against you does sometimes make it sad, but the adversary is all by making it self-motivated. Let's start this may with the utmost spirit.

Sometimes the defeat will surely come, but it is uncertain when it comes. Obviously, don't let that failure immediately stop you.

Heartache will only soften you, but that is life. Many valuable lessons can be taken from the failure of the existing love. Welcome to enter the month of May, hopefully more colorful.

Welcome to May. One of the best ways to welcome the coming of the month is to thank God with all that he has given.

Love the people you love, let's make this may as a special momentum to love those you love.

No success has been achieved in just one night. There will be many things you should go through first. But after that, make all the lessons to welcome success. Good morning in May.

Welcome to the month of May, Cyberfriends. Hopefully at the beginning of this month it becomes a good moment to improve and continue the dream.

To do good to others, it certainly produces a good thing anyway. Therefore, in the beginning of May, let's fix all the things that are lacking in the good, and always positive-minded to others.

Success is not the only key to be happy, but it is happiness that is proof of the success of one. Hopefully in May this month, what you want can be accomplished well.

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Now you already know about "month of May" from history according to the opinions of various sources. Now, after the collection of quotes above and into the material, namely a collection of sayings of the month may sage, motivation, inspiration and love, hopefully useful and become a reference for you.