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Review UKMSUMUT Business Local Website

review ukmsumut

Are you looking for some website with business and Small Medium Enterprise niche? Nowadays the existence of information sites including business opportunity is very important for beginners to find inspiring business ideas that are suitable for them. And we will discuss about UKM SUMUT, where from the name alone we already know that this site is specialized to discuss about micro small business.

Reza Harahap, the owner of this site originally created and established UKM is referred to as one of the platforms to be used by the owner and owner of SMES in North Sumatra in promoting and introducing their business on the internet

Because the owner of this site initially worked in one of the startup companies in Riau, and he was inspired by the SME platform in Riau that became an online container for business actors there.

But as time goes by, the site is lacking enough management time so it is being flown for a long time. Until finally in the past year the site is well-done and replaced with its content orientation into something more general, which discusses business opportunities and business materials.

Although there are elements of the name North Sumatera in it, but in fact the site has been discussing general such as the competitor's block of Maxmanroe and folderbusiness. Nevertheless, this site is still a development stage and requires additional content support that will be increasingly updated

So if you do intend to find a container of information about a business or a business that is trending and suitable for you nowadays, then it does not hurt to visit this site in particular and type in your browser either from a smartphone or laptop device by typing the address ukmsumut.com


UKMSUMUT profile

When we type UKM ant in Google search then we will directly get the address of this site appear on the first page of search (UKMSUMUT.COM) and followed by various information about UKM Sumut which has been described in various news portals of North Sumatera

Speaking about Domain Authority (DA) and page authority (PA), the last time we check this site has been in the score 16/36. A large enough number for the newly optimized site for the past 1 year. It so amazing!

But when we look about the age of the domain has been for almost 3 years since the domain was first purchased by the owner, Reza Harahap. Different when compared with the domain of the Iweblogsite where it still has a domain authority and page authority of 13/25.

Yes even when we compare the head to head between DA and PA with Iweblogsite still win Ukmsumut, but we believe with a strong optimization and application of the right techniques then the block is also going to experience the rapid development as applied by the owner in UKM Sumut

Then, what is the owner's great dream of the blog he has this UKMSUMUT in the future? When we interviewed the owner and asked about this matter he replied to continue optimizing this website because he realized that today's business blocks are needed by the public as a medium to search for information and fresh ideas in the opportunities of business opportunities currently scattered.

Although the initial purpose of this blog was given to the SME actors in North Sumatra and now has switched functions, became a great blog that would be equal to other well-known business blog such as Maxmanroe, tokomesin or business Folderline

For the amount of traffic monthly from this site you can check it using the features that exist on the Internet because at the moment we can not display the information because it will be ambiguable, not static always evolved over time.

For that we also message to you who are reading this article to continue to work and develop what you have so it can be great and of course will benefit you at a later date



UKMSUMUT is an awesome site! Finally we come to the end of the discussion on the site reviews of local businesses in Indonesia. If you have any questions about the business, can ask directly to us through the contact page listed above

Thank you for visiting the blog of Sibakua and have read a review of the website of the UKM Sumut that we have written ourselves with an investment and a truly amazing impression. If you want your site in the review and reviewed by us also please contact on the contact page according to the agreement that we have provided. Don't forget to share and share this article to your social media, to your friends too.