99 Quotes about School Team Spirit

Are you looking for a wise word about the passion for school students? Making unity is very important. Especially in the context of schools, unity is a very important issue to discuss. Without the desire and effort to unite, the slightest problem can trigger conflict between students, teachers, homeroom teachers or principals and even foundation … Read more

Review Kosngosan, Blog Education for Students

Let’s introduce kosngosan site, one of the sites with blogger platform owned by reza harahap, an alumnus of agribusiness department at Riau University. Despite being a farm man, it doesn’t make him stuttering technology. This site was originally created to tell about the lives of students. And over time the site is then filled with … Read more

23 Quran Verse About Peace and Forgiveness

Peace and a culture of forgiveness are important factors in life. In this world, of course all human beings never escape mistakes. Thus, one solution to correcting mistakes is to apologize and try not to repeat the same actions in the future. But unlike apologizing, forgiving isn’t really an easy thing. Everyone can apologize, but … Read more

12 Quran Verse about Parent and Child

The child is a parent’s mirror. How parents behave, so does the child imitate. If every day gets bad, then the child will learn the same towards others. And if the child gets a good thing, then the child will give good things to others. That is the reason why Islam teaches the role of … Read more

52 Quran Verse about Death and Life

Death and life are mysteries that are difficult to accept human logic. Many still ask if there is another nature after death or is death the end of the human journey? How did life begin the first time? So how does the islamic point of view look at these two things? This time iweblogsite will … Read more