25 Quran Verse About Jesus and Mary

Hello Iweblogsite friends, the topic of this article will talk about the Islamic opinion about Jesus and Mother Mary. Note that Jesus in Islam is regarded as a prophet, not a god. Jesus or Isa was a fourth prophet before Muhammad who was sent for children of Israel. Did you know that, the name Isa … Read more

15 Quran Verse About Hijab and Woman

What is a hijab? Hijab in Islamic religion means a barrier or covering, namely the cover of the loins for the mature Muslim woman. We must often see many women both old, young and children who wear them. But do you know how the hijab law in Islam, actually? Curious? Iweblogsite will discuss about it … Read more

12 Quran Verse about Love, Marriage and Wedding

Have you ever read the Quran verses about love, marriage and wedding? In the holy Book of Muslims, it is written verses that explain about love in life vertically and horizontally. Whether it’s love for God, love for people, and love in general. The Quran conveys the message of love that can strengthen the human … Read more

Review UKMSUMUT Business Local Website

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Review Sibakua: Blog From Mandailing

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99 Welcome September Quotes for Caption and Status

Happy September! On this post, Iweblogsite has summarized some good sayings for you, namely with the theme of the September word that inspires and can add to your spirit. Curious? Please scroll down You can update status and caption on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter. There is a variety of uniqueness in this month, including … Read more