Review Kosngosan, Blog Education for Students

Let’s introduce kosngosan site, one of the sites with blogger platform owned by reza harahap, an alumnus of agribusiness department at Riau University. Despite being a farm man, it doesn’t make him stuttering technology. This site was originally created to tell about the lives of students. And over time the site is then filled with … Read more

Review UKMSUMUT Business Local Website

Are you looking for some website with business and Small Medium Enterprise niche? Nowadays the existence of information sites including business opportunity is very important for beginners to find inspiring business ideas that are suitable for them. And we will discuss about UKM SUMUT, where from the name alone we already know that this site … Read more

Review Sibakua: Blog From Mandailing

This time I will discuss the inspiration I get from Sibakua website. Previously read also about the writing that I have posted about the previous Sibakua philosophy. There are a variety of reasons I developed this website and everything is contained in the writing. So please read when pleased. Sibakua is the name of the … Read more