Review Kosngosan, Blog Education for Students

Let’s introduce kosngosan site, one of the sites with blogger platform owned by reza harahap, an alumnus of agribusiness department at Riau University. Despite being a farm man, it doesn’t make him stuttering technology.

This site was originally created to tell about the lives of students. And over time the site is then filled with a wide variety of content and articles.

Until now as you can see when accessing kosngosan sites, there are several menus contained in the header consisting of several category pages that you can access.

Speaking of first created with the address still using blogspot domain namely, then in 2017, purchased a top level domain with a address at one of the international domain providers.

Amount Total of posts and kosngosan traffic


When we talk about the number of posts that have been published on this site, until this post is written it has reached 1000 posts with a variety of categories and niches

This post is written manually by the owner himself, some of which comes from content placement, and some from the posts of fellow siteger friends who want to send backlinks.

When it comes to the number of visitors and page views every day, initially kosngosan that use this flexible company template, can be up to 20,000 per day.

But in recent months after being switched to the vio magz template, its traffic has been reduced to between thousands only. although it goes down, but this template will still be used for later customization.

Kosngosan Look and Design

When we talk about the aspects of appearance and design on this site. In general, it has a simple look and easy to look. It has a white background coupled with a very compact and nice-to-see combination of black and blue font colors.

The minimalist use of widgets, and the number of recent posts on the main page of only five, the removal of navigation addresses, and the Scroll to top button make the message of this site very clean indeed.

Similarly, the mobile look that looks light because it uses a premium template from mas sugeng that is a template vio magz from mas sugeng, with custom as necessary.

The type of font used is the Arial font which is a common type of font and easy to read. Use of the menu as necessary, and eliminate the floating menu feature, which may be able to disturb visitors.

What do you get from kosngosan sites?

As said earlier that the existence of quality information and have a reliable source will be very important to reduce the spread of hoaxes. Where currently, hoaxes have become a common enemy that can divide the nation.

Although still using a free platform that comes from Google that is blogger, but we can see firsthand the content offered is very useful and much searched by people.

This is a commitment from admin, that should be appreciated considering that many novice bloggers who rely only on copyed content or even more depressingly give fake news with fantastic titles to get a lot of clicks or also referred to as clickbait that can actually worsen the user experience.

But to be in position now, it’s not an easy and short journey. Because there is a long process that must be passed, it takes hard work, as well as a strong determination and perseverance in order to always produce and publish useful and complete information.

This fact is evidenced by several posts from kosngosan owners, who if we can convince us that this site is very worthy of reference, among others, as a reference for lesson materials, general guidelines and tips and tricks